Should You Wipe Down Groceries – Do You Have to Disinfect Groceries

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak amid the whole world cutting down, “Should you wipe down groceries” becomes one of the questions people are asking. Making a simple grocery shopping much more complicated. You follow the protocols when you are shopping at a grocery store. But what of when you take the groceries home, what are you to do? How are you to handle them? Should you wide them down?

Should You Wipe Down Groceries

Should you Wipe Down Groceries

It is believed by experts that the primary form of transmission of coronavirus is through person to person contact. That there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through food or food packaging. So the risk of you getting the virus from food or it the packaging is next to a minimum. This pandemic is a respiratory illness. This means it is not like foodborne viruses which is why you should follow protocol when in the store.

Should You Wipe Down Your Food

It is not explicitly recommended that you should wipe down your food or food containers as a way of preventing the virus. But it is advised that you wash your hands once you return from grocery shopping after handling the groceries. You might have seen videos of people wiping down their products but it is not recommended. If it makes you feel better you can wipe them down to prevent getting infected then why not.

Experts do agree you can wipe off non-porous containers with disinfectant wipes. Also to remove things from their cardboard boxes but only if it gives you peace of mind.

What of Fresh Produce – Should You Wipe Down Groceries

You might be wondering about the food you have to eat raw but lucky experts said food safety rules apply here. So you should simply be rinsing fruits and vegetables with cool water before putting them in your fridge and before you eat them. If you are cooking the fresh produce you can use a solution made of three-part water and one part vinegar if you want everything to be extra clean.

Do not clean fruit and vegetables including porous cans with soap or bleach as they can make you sick. And do not forget to wash your hands after washing them and you can wait to eat them if you want.

Should You Wipe Bags

Experts are not quite sure how reusable bags can contribute to the pandemic. But it is better to be safe. So if you are using reusable bags then wash your hands after handling them, disinfect any surface they touch, wash, and dry them after use. If they are not washable try not to touch them until you go shopping again.

What About Takeout – Should You Wipe Down Groceries

There is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of this virus. But note that you should also take some precautions when ordering takeout. Use contactless delivery to keep your and the delivery person safe, wash your hands after receiving container and before you eat. Also, transfer the food to your own plates before eating and properly dispose of the takeout container. Do not use the restaurant plastic utensils and microwave the meal before eating as an extra precaution.


The bottom line is to keep practicing the corona hygiene. This is not only when you take possession of groceries. Make sure that you keep watching yout hands always when going in and out. limit contact with surfaces that are hotspots and lastly pray to God to keep you safe.

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