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Facebook has over 200 million singles on its platform.  And Facebook has made a lot of effort in order to change their relationship status. The recent in the list of what Facebook has brought, in order to change the relationship status of it’s over 200 million single users is the Facebook dating service. This feature has been a hit among its users but, the only problem is it’s not yet available for all. And so on this post today I will show you the various ways in which you can meet singles on Facebook. So, sit back and relax as I take you through the process to get singles on facebook.

Singles on Facebook

Single, dating and social media are almost intertwined. So many people have been using the facebook platform to date successfully for quite a while now. even facebook has decided to include their own dating service just for you. there are over 200 million singles on facebook as you know, and Facebook wants to help them find dates.

there are a lot of reasons why one should look to Facebook for dating. Yes, they are bound to make a hell of cah from thee new dating feature but its to help singles also. there are many ways to find dates on facebook as you will see in the course of this post. which will make it easy for you to find a date if you don’t feel like just going to sign up on a dating app. In fact, it is quite easier to make use of facebook for ating than a platform you have not used before.

How to Meet Singles on Facebook

As I have mentioned above there are various ways to meet singles on the Facebook platform. The first way is to make use of the Facebook dating feature, or Facebook dating groups, Facebook dating apps, Facebook dating sites even one-on-one messaging and so on. All this can be done with Facebook to make sure you find a date for yourself. so you can change your relationship status. 

However, the best one among them all is the Facebook dating service. Do not panic as we’re going to talk about all of them In detail. So if you want to change your relationship status, or you are just looking for a date on the Facebook platform, Then you have come to the right post, as we are just getting started. So do not worry is you are guaranteed to get a date.

Facebook Dating Service

Facebook dating service is Facebook’s own dating platform where facebook users can open a dating profile when they have opted-in. this dating feature was launched some years ago and has been slowly rolling out. Users that have opted in on this can quickly set up their dating profile and get matched with other users that have also opt in the dating service.

Using this service is very easy but the only problem is that it’s not yet available for most locations. Because it’s still slowly rolling out, but facebook its promising more locations including the USA by the end of this year. Making use of this platform is easy once it’s available, however, if it is not then you have to forget about it for now till its available. But when it’s available, all you have to do to opt-in. you do so by responding to the notification saying facebook dating is now available to you, or simply tap on the Heart icon in your profile to opt-in.

Singles Facebook Groups

The dating groups have been one of the traditional ways of getting singles on this platform. These groups are made solely for the purpose of finding singles to date. And anybody who the facebook dating service is not available for can choose to opt into the singles groups on facebook. What I love most is that getting these groups is easy. All you need is your facebook account and some data connection. Once that is ready, tap on the Facebook search bar and type in “Singles Facebook Groups” then when the search results come out to switch it to Groups. Then join as much as you like. That’s about all you need to know to join and use these groups.

Singles on Facebook Search

This is also another traditional way of getting singles. In fact, this way is more traditional than the one we just method above. Before facebook dating groups came along people have been using this method to search and add singles on facebook. This method is comprised of manually searching a name on the Facebook platform. And when the result is out, switch it to people and add as much as you like. Just make sure to check their profile if they are single before you add.

Singles on Facebook Apps

Facebook dating apps are something that has been available for a long time now and it actually works. Many people have been using this app to find dates and more. These apps are made for dating and can be accessed from the Facebook platform. There are numerous kinds of these apps present on facebook for you to download and use. It’s easy to join any of the community and get the apps. All you have to do is a simple facebook search as usual. Just search for “facebook dating apps” and they will appear then join the group and communities to download the apps from there and carry on.


 All these methods of finding singles on facebook woks and have been working for lots of people for long now. All it takes is a little time and effort and you will find a date. So be sure to try out the different methods and see which one works best for you in finding dates. So thanks for reading a, signing out.

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