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Are you a teacher or a student interested in learning using a good tool to facilitate classroom discussion, then this post id for you. Or maybe you are just looking for information about socrative this post we also tell you that. Because this post today is about the number one teacher and studtent tool called socrative, which helps students and teachers very well during classroom discussions, assigning tests and quiz and much more In this post, we will look at in details what this incredible tool is all about so that you can start using it if you have not done s before.



If you have taken notice, I have mentioned more than once in the introduction paragraph about students and teachers. That is because this app is mainly a learning or classroom app. So, this app is a cloud-based and interactive web-based student response system that helps teachers to initiate quiz, tests classwork to ignite conversation, discussion and learning among students. You can say this tool is a kind of an education platform where teachers can go and drop a quiz and then the students will log in and then answer them there. This is very important as it eliminates the tedious work of pen and paper. Once the student answers questions, it shows up immediately on their teacher’s computer from there the teacher can grade them and the students can see their score.

The students can access whatever quiz or test the teacher is giving them via a code called the RoomCode. So when the teacher is done grading the results can be simply easy displayed for them to see how they performed. Teachers can create various kinds of assessments that can be answered with, yes or no, true or false, with a sentence, options and more. This app is really all about learning and focuses on different ways to make students interact and learn. Students can even team up using this platform for easy answering of questions. All these make this platform a really incredible one to use.

Socrative App

Also, the socrative tool has its mobile app for android and ios readily available to download from their respective stores. Meaning that this tool is not limited to web-only. But can be used on mobile. You know not everyone has a laptop but almost everyone has a phone. So this is a needed flexibility for the socrative platform. Getting the app is easy all you have to do is enter your app store search for it then download and install it.

Socrative for Teachers

If you are a teacher and you know what socrative is in the past, you might be probably wondering how to use it for yourself and your students.  You already know that it is a tool is for learning and facilitates interaction, conversation amongst students. Well, then no need to waste much time again. All you need to do now is to get started with it immediately. And i promise you that you will see improvements in your students in ways you have never seen before. Basically all you to do to use this tool is to create an account and then create your assessments to give your students and the Room code.

  1. Open the app and select the purple register button or visit tap on “Teacher Sign up.”
  2. Now fill in the details which you are required to fill. These details consist of your name, email password and more.
  3. Tap on in Agree and then tap on Submit then you are done.

After successfully registering on the socrative platform, you receive your unique RoomCode which your students will use to access your room. Thereafter on your dashboard, you will find all the options necessary to make a quiz and more.

Socrative for Students

As this tool is very useful for teachers, in the same way, its more useful to the students. After all, they are the ones who need to learn and become better versions of themselves. So basically this tool is more beneficial to students than it is to teachers. We are going to see how students can register on this app and then access their teacher’s assessment room through the room code.

How to use

Using the web version or the app on mobile devices, students do not need to register. All they have to do is to get the room code and sign in to it. To do that follow the procedure below.

  1. Open the app or visit the Socrative S Login.
  2. Now enter the room code and tap on Join.

And you are done, taping on join will add yu to whatever assessment your teacher has got cooked up for you guys in the class.


In the strife to make learning easier and to make it more fun and interactive, this tool can not be overlooked. This is one of the best tools you will think of for learning. Though there are other tools out there but this is one of the best.

am loyal smart and humble.