SoundCloud Activate – Soundcloud Activate Xbox code | Soundcloud Activate Xbox One Code

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This post is for the music and the Xbox lovers out there. this post will teach you all about SoundCloud and the Xbox one app that is now available for you to download and use. This post concerning SoundCloud activate will teach you all you need to know to activate and use your SoundCloud account on your Xbox one console, also how to get the app, features of the Xbox one SoundCloud app and so much more to come. There is nothing I love more than combining the game with music it is quite a wonderful combination. Making that the same purpose for this post coming your way today.

SoundCloud activate

SoundCloud Activate

As I said above the SoundCloud app is now available for the Xbox one uses to get the app from the windows store and feel the sound of the cloud directly from the Xbox One console. but in order for you to do that you have to get the SoundCloud application on your Xbox one and then activate your account on it for it to work. We all know that SoundCloud is an online music sharing platform where registered members or users can share, discover, and distribute musical content from the platform to all the Social Media platform and others. And now the SoundCloud has taken their platform a step further by including it on the Xbox One store. So that anyone owning a sound cloud account can pair it with the app on the Xbox One console and feel the goodness.

Features of the SoundCloud Activate Xbox App

The Xbox one SoundCloud app offers few features and SoundCloud is saying that they are happy to add more features as they go on or as more users activate it on their Xbox One console. however, some of our favorite features of the SoundCloud application is still there. features like library, discover, search, Cortana and others. these features are the basic features that will keep you going for the meantime until more features are added to the Xbox one SoundCloud platform. these alone are enough features to start using the Xbox one SoundCloud app today for your unlimited music. However these are not all the features present on the Xbox one SoundCloud app but we are going to stop there, as usual, to get the full goodies do continue reading this post and get the app for your Xbox One today.

How to get the Xbox one SoundCloud app

It is not a difficult process getting the SoundCloud app on your Xbox One. I tell you this process is very easy as you will see below.

  • Turn on your Xbox one console, after loading navigates to your windows store.
  • Now search and add the SoundCloud app from Xbox one on the windows store.

Once that s done 50% of the job is already done. The only thing remaining now is how to do a SoundCloud pairing or activating your SoundCloud account on your Xbox One.

How to activate or pair your SoundCloud account on your Xbox One

We have come to the main purpose of this post today. below you will find how to do your SoundCloud activation or how to pair your SoundCloud account with your Xbox One. Do not panic the process is also easy but a little bit longer. Now here is how to do that.

Soundcloud Activate Xbox One Code
  • Open your browser on your mobile device and visit the SoundCloud activation website.
  • Now open the sound cloud app on your Xbox one, and you will see a code.
  • for all iOS devices tap on the above link and open directly on your SoundCloud app on your iOS device. Make sure you have the latest version of the app. And then sign in to your account and enter the code from your Xbox one on your SoundCloud account from your iOS device.
  • While on Android, open this link with a browser, and sign in to your SoundCloud account.
  • Then enter the code from your Xbox One SoundCloud app on your SoundCloud account on your Android device.

Soundcloud Activate Xbox code

And then you are finally done. Easy wast it? I told you the process was quite easy to do just requires a little patience. However also make sure to have the latest SoundCloud app downloaded on your iOS device because remember you will be making use of the SoundCloud app on the iOS platform, while on Android you will be making use of your browser instead of the app. The SoundCloud Xbox one app is available worldwide just so you know.


Gaming and music is an important combination. There is nothing as good as having to use your favorite music app on your gaming console where you do battle. But without the SoundCloud activation, it cannot be possible. Making it the reason this post is coming to you today. to enjoy your favorite music app on your favorite gaming console, then you have to read this post and follow the instructions exactly thank you.

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