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All right guys welcome to this post today because we have before us a very interesting topic that has never been ever talked about before on this blog. I have always talked about movies and always give them preference but today we are going to be talking about what we use on watching these movies which are subtitles.  That is why this post on Subscene is coming your way this morning.  If you love movies you would also appreciate a good subtitle that is accurate and well synced To the movie.  So stay tuned to this post if you would like to know how to download subtitles and put them on any movie.



The Subscene website is one of the best subtitle download websites today. In fact, it is my best subtitle website for all things subtitles. Any movie I watch I always use subtitles and I always visit to download the movie’s subtitle. They always get accurate ones that’s if you know how to find it. Don’t worry I’m going to be telling you all about subtitles and how to download the rights subtitle files also on this post.

Back to the website, this platform has virtually all subtitles we can think of and in up to 50 languages. If you are concerned about if your language will be available, your mind should be at rest as they do have subtitles in many languages.

Also, the Subscene website always updates and add new subtitles as movies are being released.  It is very rare to search for a subtitle on the subscene website and not find it. All that you have to do is just to visit the website and then type in the name od the movie in the search bar, then search and find it.

What is a subtitle? – Subtitle

It is easy to understand and to know, they are basically the written words of the things said in an audio or video file.  When you watch a movie or listen to the audio it’s basically of people saying something now when you have a file that contains everything said in that audio or the video it is called the subtitle file.  This can be downloaded and loaded into the player in which you are using to play in the movie or the audio to make for subtitling when the movie or audio is playing. 

This subtitle goes along or plays Along with your video or audio in sync.  However, you must have a good Vidoe player that has a very good subtitle feature before you can use any subtitle. 

There are lots of video players out there that do allow for subtitles adding to videos. I know you probably use one already. the most popular of all is the VLC player,  we also have the MX Player,  BS player, and more.  Some of these players even allow you to download subtitles online. An example is the MX Player and the BS player. 

The last thing I want to know about subtitles is that their file extension is in .srt. Whenever you see any file ending in .srt from now on you should know that it is a subtitle file.  This is the file you want to watch at for and the file you want to upload to the movie because it is the subtitle file.

How to download the right subtitles for movies

Before we talk about how to download subtitles let’s first see how to download the right one for your movie.  Because trust me not all subtitles will syn properly for all versions of movies despite it being the same movie. 

The best way to get the exam or right subtitle for your movie is by making use of the name exactly the way it is after downloading the movie.  What you do is that you copy the name of the movie and then paste it in the search bar to search for the exact subtitle.  When the result is out, look for the exact name to your movie, that is including all the extensions and everything. 

For example, if your movie is “My.Spy.2020.1080p.Bluray.DTS-HD.MA.5.1.X264-EVO.” Try to check for the same subtitle matching that name exactly or closest to the name to download.

How to Download Subtitles from Subscene

Downloading subtitles from this good website is as easy slicing cake.  All you have to do is visit the website search for the name of the movie you want, make sure it is an exact match or a close match. Then tap on download to download.  Lets however see the steps involved below.

  • Firstly head over the Subscene website.
  •  Now type in the name of the movie you want to download in the search box and tap on the Search button to search.
  •  When the names of the movies and the subtitles result comes out Tap on the movie.
  •  On the next page, you will see the list of subtitles,  scroll down, until you see the language you want to download in. 
  • The next step is to choose the exact or closest subtitle to the name of the movie you downloaded. ( SEE THE EXPLANATION OF SUBTITLE ABOVE)
  •  After finding the exact match or the closest match tap on it to go to the download Screen.
  •  On the next screen tap on The green download button which will also include the language, you are downloading in.
  •  The last step is to locate the file and extract it. 

Note that when downloading the subtitles from subscene, the file is always in zip format.  So you will need a good file extraction program like WinRAR or 7-Zip  to properly extract the file and get the subtitle.  After doing that you can upload your subtitle to the movie and watch peacefully.

How to Add Subtitles to a Movie

There are various ways of adding subtitles to a movie some are permanent while some are always temporary.  The temporary one is done when the movie is playing and involves a far less complicated process than the permanent one.  let’s see how to do it below.

  • After downloading and extracting your subtitle file to a folder.
  • Open your video player,  now look for an option that says Subtitle or Load subtitle.
  •  Tap on it,  select Add subtitle or Load subtitle if you see the option. ( other players will just show you only load subtitle which will take you to your phone them you select a subtitle file).
  •  The next step is to navigate to where you have downloaded the subtitle and tap on the subtitle file.

 After tapping on the subtitle file the subtitle will be loaded into the movie you are watching.  However, if there are any irregularities with the subtitle that it doesn’t follow you can play around with subtitle settings of the player to properly sync the subtitle.  If it still doesn’t work, its better to download a new one. Mission Impossible fallout

The Mission Impossible movie is one of the best movies to ever hit Hollywood.  And I can understand and relate if you would want to download subtitles for the latest iteration which is the Mission Impossible Fallout.  Of course, let’s see the procedure below on how to do that.

  • Again visit the subscene website.
  • Now on the search bar type in “Mission Impossible Fallout.”
  •  When the result is out, choose the appropriate one.
  •  Scroll down to the language you want and tap on the exact match of the movie you download.  If you can’t find an exact match tap on the closest match.
  •  Tap on download on next page and you are done.

After downloading, as usual, you have to extract the file and load it to the movie and watch it in peace.

Subscene App

The Subscene app is not in the Play Store or app store but can be found on Google Search.  It can be downloaded and installed on your device to easily get access to its subtitles.  All you have to do is to do a Google search of the “Subsene app” scroll down and tap on any of the links and then download the application to your device.  Using the subscene app is pretty much the same as using the website.

Subscene Alternative

There are many alternatives to be subscene website but the one I want to show you is However, with opensubtitle you have to login which means you must create an account to continue using it.  All you need to do is head over to the website search for a movie and download just like you did for subscene.  Most importantly, is that you register an account with them.

Subscene  Search

The search bar of this website is a very powerful tool in fact it made the substance platform.  Without the search bar, it will take you some time to get to the subtitle you are looking for. That is why they have decided to include the search bar on it. 

Now when you are looking for a subtitle you simply load the platform, tap on the search box type the name of the movie, tap on the search button to search and you’re good to go.

Subscene Money Heist

Money heist one of the best Netflix series just concluded the season 4. While we are all waiting for the next season which is season 5.  However before then if you just started watching money heist or you are going over it again.  You can get the subtitles from subscene.  We all know that this movie is in Spanish and subtitle is very necessary if you do not speak or understand Spanish.  Let’s see how to download subtitles for any language below.

  • Visit the subscene website again.
  • Make use of the search box and type and search for “Money Heist.”
  •  Select the season you want to download tap on it.
  •  On the next page scroll down till you see the language you want to download and tap on the episode.  You can also download the entire episode by selecting a file that contains the entire episode of that season all at once.
  •  The next screen, as usual, you will find the download button tap on it.

Subscene subtitle Fantastic Beast 

When you have visited the platform again all you need to do now is to type and search for the movie fantastic beasts. Scroll down to the language you want to download the movie in then select the version you want. On the next page tap on the download button to download.

Subscene Bahubali 2

Downloading subtitle for the Bahubali 2 It’s pretty much the same steps as I have listed above. If you are a fan of Indian movie you would want to watch this movie.  That is why I will make it easy for you to download it.  All you have to do is head over to the Subscene website,  and search for “Bahubali 2.” Then scroll down to the language want to download in and tap on the subtitle that matches.  finally, tap on the blue download button to download. 

am loyal smart and humble.