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long gone are those days where the whole family will gather to watch a movie in the parlor. Or the days of buying DVDs, cassettes and discs to watch. We are now in the days of streaming television live. I think the world at large has appreciated the existence of streaming services and it has never been better. You can now get your popcorn sit on the couch chill and enjoy your favorite show using any of the streaming services available. Today I will be showing you the best streaming service that you can subscribe to right now for all your streaming pleasures. 

The Best Streaming Service You Can Subscribe To Right Now
The Best Streaming Service You Can Subscribe To Right Now

The Best Streaming Service You Can Subscribe To Right Now

If you are among those of us who enjoy streaming our favorite TV shows, series, and more then you will be glad you read this post.

You know that since the dawn of these streaming services watching of movies has never remained the same in fact it has gotten better. 

And the most important thing is that some of this TV streaming service are not that expensive to subscribe to. Which has been one of the major causes of the end and complete elimination of DVDs and discs. 

If you need something cheaper there is a streaming service for you, likewise, if you need something expensive there is also one for. I would be listing them out and what makes them good including the price for you to see today.

Now without further waste of time lets go ahead and dive in.

1 Netflix – The Best Streaming Service You Can Subscribe To Right Now

The Netflix starting package is 9$ a month which is a very cheap price to pay for getting great content. Netflix provides you with an excellent selection and optimized interface. Netflix is our top choice as they are the Masters of streaming services. If you are a lover of TV shows, movies, comedy specials original programs and more then Netflix should be your top choice. 

Most people know about Netflix already and are probably using it already, why don’t you start today. With successful series like Starger things, Orange Is the New Black, House of cards and many more this becomes a strong choice to contend with. And the fact that subscription starts from $9 per month should make you give it a try today.

2 Disney plus

Starting from just $7 a month Disney plus provides you with lots of content. You get great content like the Simpsons, Star wars and many more Disney animations that makes up the Disney universe. I should elaborate more on this, but you probably know Disney is one of the best cartoon makers.

The Disney plus starting package also features UHD resolution which is capable of giving 4K resolution for just $7 a month. 


Most people will agree with me that they never really engaged so much with HBO before the Game of Thrones series. Some, on the other hand, have never even heard of HBO before the game of thrones. But HBO is so much more than Game of Thrones.

HBO has two different streaming services which are the HBO GO and HBO Now. The Go is in the form of a cable or satellite package. However, the good thing is that both services offer the same packages. 

With a starting price of just $15 per month, you will have access to the award-winning streaming service. Also get top tier movies like game of thrones, Westwood, warrior and more. 

The other packages are a little bit pricey, but the price cannot be compared to the great content they provide you for the amount. 

4 Hulu – The Best Streaming Service You Can Subscribe To Right Now

Made popular for their very cheap packservice Hulu is one of the best if you do not want to spend much for a streaming service. Inclusively Hulu also has a great collection or selection of current TV series, TV shows, movies and more. Hulu provides you with access to other major network shows and also a handful of some cable shows after the air. They also provide you with interesting anime series offbeat movies and more for a very cheap price of just $5.99 a month

5 Amazon Video

For just $13 a month you enjoy a variety of better comedy solutions, MTV, Nickelodeon and so much more great content from the Amazon video. Although this package is not that cheap, but in comparison with great content, the price is right. 

It is basically a buffet of movies and television series as you would want. If you have the money to go for this then I encourage you to do so. You can also have unlimited access to the HBO back catalog of classics from Amazon video.

6 Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ is the cheapest on our list with just $5 per month this is a cheap alternative to the other streaming services. Apple TV focuses on quality over quantity which is good for the price point it is starting from.

The most interesting thing is that it supports 4K with Dolby vision and atom. With a price tag of just $5 per month, we are glad that it is worth much more than what we are paying for. Keep in mind that most of its original shows are yet to premiere.

7 YouTube TV

With a price of $50 per month, the YouTube TV is not a cheap option. However, for the price point, it has a few more advantages over other streaming services. Some of the advantages include 70 channels, unlimited storage space with recording stored for up to nine months. It also supports six different user account and streaming on three devices for one subscription. What is left is for you to determine if this is worth the $50 Price.

8 Sling TV

Sling TV is another of the expensive streaming services out there. With a price point of $30 per month for the starting package, you get widespread content. Sling is also known for its wide variety of ESPN sports channels for sports fans which are good and worth the price.

It also includes Channels like NBC, BBC, CNN Cartoon Network and more. If you ask me I think you are getting worth you are paying for.

9 Crackle – The Best Streaming Service You Can Subscribe To Right Now

Starting free this is the first free streaming service and the last on our list of the best streaming service to subscribe right now.

For free you get amusing contents, good varieties of videos and lots of commercials. We can’t complain there because it’s free. You also get access to sony movies, TV shows original programming on a rotating basis with no subscription at all.

Without dought, if I were looking for a free streaming service then this will be my first pick.

am loyal smart and humble.