The Facebook Dating App Download Free – Facebook Dating Free App | How to Access Facebook Dating

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The Facebook dating app download free is something most Facebook users love to hear. Especially those users that make use or are trying to access the Facebook dating app. Facebook dating is not a new thing it was launched about 2 years ago and many countries already have it and are enjoying the benefits. So this post will show you how you will access Facebook dating before the end today, so stay tuned and read to the end.

The Facebook Dating App Download Free
The Facebook Dating App Download Free

Facebook dating application

Though there is no stand-alone application for the Facebook dating services the app is existent in the main Facebook application. So if you are to use the dating on Facebook it must be within the main Facebook application. This also means that if you are not a Facebook user you can not have access to dating. 

Also that this dating service is still slowly rolling out to other countries and if it is not yet available in your country, you have to patiently wait for it. It was only recently made available for the USA and is expected to be available in Europe by the end of 2020.

The Facebook dating app download free

Like I have mentioned before in this post there is no separate app you will download in other to access Facebook dating. The dating service or features can be easily accessed from the main Facebook application. Also, dating is free to use and to access unlike other dating apps out there where you have to pay monthly or yearly. 

Once you can access the dating service you can use it for free as it is free to use. I also mentioned dating must be available in your region before you can access it, if not you have to wait.

How to enable Facebook dating

Now what do you do when Facebook is available to you, and also how do you even know when dating is available to you? If you will recall I said that Facebook dating is slowly been rolled out to more regions, the question is how do you know if it is available to you.

To know when dating is available to you is simple there are two ways to check if it is now possible in your location. 

The first way is that you will get a notification that it is now available in your location at the top of your newsfeed. Once you get this notification you have to respond to it to access dating. The other way is to check your profile for a heat icon then tap on it to enable dating.

The last thing I would like to talk about here is that the dating feature cannot be accessed from the laptop or desktop only from the Facebook mobile application.

Facebook dating app profile

Having a good facebook dating app profile is directly proportional to getting good matches on the Facebook platform. So if you need to get true and best matches of the kind of people you really like, then you should no joke with your profile. 

After opting into dating the next thing is to create the profile for your self to attract potential matches. 

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