TikTok – Create short fun musical videos

Tiktok which was the most popular app in the year 2018 is a fun app used for creating a short musical video. This app became very popular and even the most downloaded app during the year 2018 with over 500 million downloads. Therefore today we are going to be looking at the TikTok platform. This post will show you a brief history of this app, some of the features of the app, how to download and more. So if you’ve been hearing the name TikTok and still don’t know what it means you are in luck. Because you came across this post.


Brief history

The TikTok app which is also known as Douyin in China is an app that is present on both iOS and Android platforms used to create short musical video content to be shared by users for fun. Bytedance is the company that is responsible for creating the TiKToK app. This app after being launched in China spread his wings and became very popular all over the world, with the United States of America having the most download in 2018.

They became very popular among users very fast as a result of it combining short funny videos about 15 to 30 seconds long together with music. The videos can also be looped to repeat itself. When the app was first launched in China it was called Douyin. However, as the app became available worldwide they give it another name which is TiKToK.

TikTok and Douyin

If you just are just seeing or hearing this for the first time and you’re confused, or you might be wondering why does the app have two names or what are the difference between TiKToK and Douyin? Well, this is your answer. TiKToK and Douyin are basically the same app the reason why they have a different name as I said earlier it’s because when the app was first released in China they gave it Douyin which is Chinese for a vibrating sound. And the name TiK ToK was adopted when the app was to go worldwide. so this means that the two apps are basically the same thing but different names because of the region.

Features of TikTok

This app has lots of features and some of them are going to be highlighted below for you to see and might convince you to start using the TiKToK app from now.

  • well, obviously one of the features we love so much is the ability to create short videos with musical content. Different actions can be carried out or added to the videos to make it fun. Things like slowing down, fast forwarding, changing the background, etc
  • you can create your own reaction to other people’s video using the TiKToK app
  • Also, you can record your own video alongside someone else’s video
  • Another feature is deciding who can view your video and who can’t

How to download the app

As I have said before, this app is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. So whichever one you have you should be rest assured that it is available. However the steps on how to download the app and listed below

  • Open your app store or the play store
  • On the search bar type ‘TiKToK’
  • Now tap on the Search
  • When the result comes out tap on TiKToK to enter the app area
  • Android tap on Install and Accept on Android, while on IOS tap on Get and Install

Once those steps are carried out correctly, you will find the TiKToK app downloading on your device. Once the app has been downloaded you can now go over and open.

How to setup TiKToK

After downloading to the app on your phone to set it up involves a little tedious process follow the steps below.

  • Open the TiKToK app
  • Tap on the video on the screen
  • Now the sign-up options will appear. which is to either sign up with email or phone number or sign up with some social Media platform like Facebook Twitter etc
  • If you choose to use any of the social media platforms to sign up. Tap on anyone and input your login details for that Social Media platform you tapped on. And you will be logged in the TikTok platform.
  • If you decide to choose to sign up with phone or email tap on it
  • Input your date of birth and hit Continue
  • Now select any of the options you want to use in getting your confirmation message either a phone number or email
  • Type your phone number or email and click on Next
  • Input the verification code when you get the verification message.
  • Pick a password and tap on Confirm. Finally, check the I am not a robot box. If required answer a CAPTCHA do so and click on Next and your account will be created.


now once your account has been created you can now go ahead and enjoy this app. The fact that this app is very popular must tell you something about its usefulness. There is no changing the fact that apps like this are the feature. So give it a try today and be a part of the community that makes use of this great and fun app

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