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This lockdown is taking a toll on all of us but if you are on Netflix here are Top 10 Netflix Movies To Watch During This LockDown Period. Movies is one of the things that keep us from been bored to death and keep our sanity. Covid 19 virus has stuck everyone inside either playing games or streaming movies for the foreseeable future. You may start to get desperate since you have already watched most movies if not all of your favorite movies or shows.

Top 10 Netflix Movies To Watch During This LockDown Period
Top 10 Netflix Movies To Watch During This LockDown Period

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With the lockdown still going on, we all need something to do that will put us in the right mood, and watching movies fall on that list. Since the beginning of the lockdown am such a lot of people have already watched all the new movies already out. In the beginning, it was fun since it looked like a taking vacation and you do not have to wake up early in the morning to go to work but as time goes on, one starts to were off. Getting tired of seeing the stuff every day and will probably do anything to go outside. So just watch some movies to take your mind o the world’s troubles.

Taking Netflix for example as they have lots of interesting movies to watch. As you already know there are many Netflix movies to help take your mind off things, including the newly released LACASA DE PAPEL.

Top 10 Netflix Movies To Watch During This LockDown Period

If you are subscribed to Netflix I assure you that you are going to be making use of that subscription non-stop to alleviate boredom. Netflix has a good selection of movies that you would love so here are the top 10 movies to watch during this lockdown period.

  • Creep 2. This is a 2017 movie and a horror sequel that is better that the first.
  • Mecury 13. This is a 2018 movie about how sexism hold back female astronauts decades ago.
  • Kilo two bravo. This is a 2015 movie about the true story of a platoon who eliminates a Taliban road block.
  • Chasing Coral. This is 2017 movie that looks at Coral reefs a natural wonder.
  • Mr. Roosevelt. This is a 2017 movie which is a story about a woman and her cat that acts as a metaphor for a whole generation.
  • Strong island. A 2017 movie that represents racial injustice in America.
  • Paris is Burning. A 1991 movie about 80s transgender culture and the golden age of new York drag balls.
  • The square. This a 2013 documentary about the Egyptian revolution.
  • Shriekers. This a 2018 movie which tell a story about a cult classic film made by Singaporean women that was stolen.
  • The young offenders. This is a 2016 comedy about a road trip inspired by the true story of the biggest cocaine seizure in Ireland.

You may wonder why there is not a list of new releases and other latest release well because you have already watch all that and all there is left to do is watch the classics and hidden gems. These movies rate pretty high on rotten tomatoes and since Netflix does not have it own rating you will have to use the internet to check how good a movie is.

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