6 Things To Do When Your Phone Overheats

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Is your phone overheating? then this post on Top 6 things to do when your phone overheats will help you. Smartphones are at the peak of technology recently. As more and more futuristic smartphone devices are being released by Giants in the smartphone technology world. Today we have phones that can fold, phones that can survive underwater and phones that can survive a heavy fall without cracking. we even have phones with cameras that hide when not needed and pop out when needed. The bottom line is that phones are at their peak right now and they’re only going to get better and better.

6 Things To Do When Your Phone Overheats
6 Things To Do When Your Phone Overheats

However, one problem remains that still plague phones today. Which is the problem of overheating. That is why this post on the top 6 things to do when your phone overheats is coming your way today. We will also take a look at what causes a phone to overheat.

Top 6 things to do when your phone overheats

Android phone overheating or any other phone is not normal because the circuitry is wired to properly dissipate heat hence preventing overheating.

However, if your phone does overheat then it is due to some other reasons. That means the phone is no functionality is compromised. This can cause battery drainage, phone malfunctioning. And it can even cause the phone to explode, which nobody would want. And also leads to battery damage.

But the major disadvantage of phone overheating is that it can affect your touchscreen, which is the most expensive part of the device itself. therefore once you start noticing overheating on your device you have to take the necessary precautions. Let’s take a look at why phones overheat before we’ll talk on six things to do to stop the phone from overheating.

Causes of overheating

There are different reasons that can make one’s phone develop overheating problem. Some can be permanent while others can be remedied. If in your own case it can’t be remedied, then you have to get a new device. see the reasons below.

  • Overheating while playing games for a long time
  • Using the camera apps for a very long time
  • If your brightness is very high
  • Opening too many apps and leaving them to run in the background
  • If your phone came with a poor chipset
  • Charging and using your phone at the same time
  • Presence of malware
  • Also if there is a particular app you using that drains the battery, it can also cause overheating
  • Warm Environment or Direct Sunlight
  • If there is Malware on your phone

Let’s stop there, but these are not all the reasons that cause a phone to overheat. These are just to mention but a few so bear that in mind. Now let’s go over to how to stop your phone from overheating.

Top 6 things to do when your phone overheats

If you are having the problem of overheating on your device, now is the time to try and remedy it. So that you can now use your device again without having to use a glove while handling it. but if you want to know how do you cool down your phone or The 6 things to do, look at the listed below.

  • First of all reboot the device. rebooting a device can go a very long way as solving some of the problems that cause the device to overheat in the first. It will also close and restart the device if it is running on errors before and also correct them. So make sure to reboot your device
  • Close apps running on the background which will, in turn, free up some space in your phone’s RAM. which will stop the phone from getting overheated. This app that runs in the background is battery drainers. therefore it is necessary to close them in order to prevent your phone from getting overheated.
  • You will have to give up charging and using. This is the number one reason or the major cause of the phone getting overheated. This will also lead to your battery getting overworked and overheat. This is a big problem when it comes to the use of the smartphone. everybody loves using their smartphone while charging. so if your phone must stop overheating you must also stop charging and using it no matter how difficult it is for you. You just have to stop it.
  • Turn off or put the phone on airplane mode while charging. This will help to reduce the activities going on in the device to 0. Which will, in turn, cause the phone to less heat up when charging. And the upside of this is that it can also lead to your phone charging faster.
  • Stop using fake or on cheap charges. These are also major causes of overheating problems on mobile devices. If you notice that from the time started using a particular charger the overheating started. then it is this time to change and go for an original charger. Note, you should only use the original charger that came with your device. or if you must use another charger to replace it, then it must be an original. Stop using cheap chargers
  • If in case you changed your battery. you should make sure you changed or replaced it with an original battery. As a fake battery also cause the phone to overheat. Because they are of a low standard. they must give you problems. Only replace it with an original battery. To prevent your battery from getting exploded.


Yes now you’ve seen it, these are the major reasons why smartphones of nowadays do overheat. Despite the fact or whatever the owners have done. Even new devices given a chance will overheat. If you did not take these precautions or things to do seriously and your device overheats then it’s your fault. It is of utmost importance to prevent the problem of overheating on your device. This problem can be annoying and frustrating and most importantly cause your phone to get spoilt. forcing you to get another.

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