Vero App – How to Download and Install the Vero App

Vero App

The True Socia a.k.a Vero is the new social media platform and has been around for a short while now and its making waves, Many Facebook tweeter and Instagram users now own accounts on Vero. The Vero app is ads free and gives you a more authentic experience that is a near social life experience. The name Vero is the Italian word for truth hence it’s called the true social.

Vero App Presence

The Vero app has had much attention and it’s not showing signs of letting down anytime soon. Vero is a totally different social media platform than the likes of Facebook, Instagram and other social media platform out there. Though the Vero app is similar to its rivals in terms of the kind of consumers or users it has, such as photographers, videographer’s artists, and all other social media users. Another interesting feature of Vero is the use of chronological order in displaying post instead of the normal use of an algorithm which we are bored with.

Vero So Far

The Vero platform was officially launched in 2015 and from then till now the Vero app has gained popularity. At some point, Vero was the most downloaded social app. When the app was launched it was very popular among Instagram users. You might have heard some of your Instagram followers talking about it, the Vero app is now the most popular on the Apple AppStore.

Why Vero is Different

The difference is very clear it is based on this difference I think is the reason Vero has gained popularity the way it has. But the major difference is that Vero doesn’t want you to join in other for them to exploit you like selling your data and showing ads. What they want for you is for you to share what you have and want with who you want not to share with not like the way other social networks do.

More Reasons

Another major difference is the absence of ads. Ads are very annoying and they are there to make money for the owners of a particular platform. The absence of ads in Vero signifies that Vero as not created to make money but created for the sole purpose of socializing. However, they may make their money from other means.

There are no algorithms that are redirecting your feeds and forcing you to decide what you want to see at first. There is also a strict no data mining policy with Vero. Making Vero be true to its name as the true social media platform. No too many unnecessary features and functions making it one of the slimmest social media apps available.

How to Download and Sign Up on Vero Using The Vero App

The Vero app is available for both Android and iOS devices respectively. If you have one of such devices, it means you are just a click away from using the Vero app on your the following to sign up to Vero.

  • Open the “AppStore” or “Play store.”
  • Type and search for vero using the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Now the first result should be the Vero app. Click on it.
  • On android tap on “Install” while on iPhone tap on “Get.”
  • Now tap on “Accept” on android and tap on “Download” for iOS.
  • after the app is downloaded, open the “App.”
  • Fill out your details needed including your phone number and your email and choose a password.
  • Tap “Sign up” or “Create account” to create the account.

That’s all you need to do and your account would be created.

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