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Are you looking for virtual gift ideas you can send online. Worry not there are thousands of virtual gifts out there to choose from and send to your friends or that special someone. Whether it is because of the distance or social distancing there is a loved you cannot be physically able to celebrate with. Or even a loved one birthday you forgot but need to send a last-minute gift.

Virtual Gift Ideas You Can Send Online
Virtual Gift Ideas You Can Send Online

Virtual Gift Ideas You Can Send Online

Virtual or digital gifts are gifts that never get old. In a time where everyone is staying home while movement is limited a virtual gift is the best way to go.

You can give a subscription as a gift to chase away the boredom of been home all day or even a grocery delivery to make that person feel even important. There are tons of virtual gifts to give online.

Digital Gift Items

Due to the lockdown, you may not be able to visit that loved one when they are having a special day. Maybe you are out of the country, you can be a part of the celebration by sending him or her a gift.

1 – Virtual gym membership

Does this friend or loved one has a stickler for exercise then this is a perfect gift for him or her.

2 – Online Subscription grocery shopping

Save your friend the hassle of going out to buy groceries especially this lockdown period. I promise you the person will be blown away.

3 – Online Gaming subscription

This is perfect for your friend who loves to game on gaming console.

4 – Streaming service membership

Your loved ones are going to love this gift. This is because you have just provided them access to both their favorite and latest movies available.

5 – Online class subscription

Is there a class you loved one has been wanting to take you can subscribe him or her to it online.

6 – Meal delivery subscription

You order their favorite meal delivered to their doorsteps. This is especially useful for this period.

7 – An Uber or Lyft gift card

This gift card will go a long way in making them remember you when they are in an Uber they don’t have to pay for.

8 – Disney plus membership gift card

If your loved one likes Disney movies then they will love to have access to all Disney movies.

9 – Boxy charm subscription

With this you have found an amazing beautiful product for your friend.

10 – Amazon prime membership

You can give the gift of Amazon prime membership to your friend. Trust me he or she will have access to amazing products with special deals.

11 – Online Shopping gift cards

Send gifts of online stores to your friend or loved one through email and let them enjoy shopping online.

12 – Amazon audible Subscription

Subscribe that loved one that is a music fan and let him or her have access to unlimited music on Amazon audible.

13 – Subscription to a beauty store

Buy a subscription to a beauty store for your friend. With this, you can help beautify somebody.

These are amazing gifts you can send to that special someone no matter where they currently are. Making them feel special and loved moreover put a smile on their faces.

Digital Gift Ideas You Can Send via Email

Here is a list of virtual gifts you can send through email. These are not stressful as they can be delivered to the person via email.

  • iTunes gift card.
  • A music subscription.
  • Food and groceries. 
  • Local gift cards. 
  • TaskRabbit.
  • E-books.
  • Audible.
  • Video streaming service.

These are just some of the gifts you can send to their email.

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