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Good day guys and welcome to this post on Waptrick comedy. if you are a lover of comedy and you are looking for more sites to get comedy videos, well here is one for you. which is waptrick site. this post on waptrick comedy will teach you how to access the waptrick comedy, what you need to access waptrick comedy and other things about it. so you stay tuned don’t go anywhere.

They say laughter is the food for the soul. therefore if you’re into watching comedy, this post is for you. we are going to show you everything it takes to get your hands on the funny videos on this wonderful site. waptrick funny videos or comedy videos are very funny and a must-watch. And you can get you addicted to the waptrick site once you started watching. once you start watching you will know what m talking about.

Waptrick Comedy

When we talk about comedy, there is one place to get both old school and the latest comedy videos from. this place is waptrick, and like most come sites accessing this platform is easy to do and free of charge. This is one wap site that you need to sist if you are into comedy. Ome of the thing that makes me happy about this site is that accessing its videos is totally easy to do. we will talk on how to do that later on this post.

Waptrick like most other sites is free to access, and its not one of these sites that normally takes up time to load. Well for me its website for that matter. If you are not only looking for comedy, there are other types of videos you can still get freely on this site. This site is totally free to use and easy to use.

This is is a wap site and as all wapsites its made for mobile devices. But can be accessed from mobile and computer devices alike. So why not? I encourage you to start using this site today if you ever need funny and comedy videos in your life.

Why Watch Comedy Videos

The importance of watching comedy videos cannot be overemphasized. because it cuts across the major aspect of life. Like I’ve said before on this post, that laughter is food for the soul. So yes one of the importance of watching comedy and laughing is to heal your soul. make you forget about your worries. Also, make you look younger when you laugh a lot. amongst other reasons to watch comedy videos.

Types of Waptrick Comedy

The waptrick funny videos cut across various categories. you can find videos from Indians, spiderman videos, relationship videos even old people videos. They are all funny videos and will make you laugh and laugh and forget you’re your problems. that’s why the waptrick funny videos are uncategorized as they cut across various aspects. from movies to football, to party in beaches to naked funny videos and others. they are all funny comedy videos. maybe that’s why there is no category when accessing these videos. you just clicked on funny and see the list of all the videos they have they didn’t categorize them.

What You Need to Access Waptrick Comedy

Like we all know the waptrick is a website, therefore, it must require an internet connection and a device that uses the internet connection to access the website. Below is the list of things you would use in assessing waptrick comedy.

  • You have to have a mobile device or a computer device. in short any device with a browser
  • An internet connection is required
  • A browser is required
  • And some brains are required

Once you have those in stock or ready, then you can move to the next aspect of accessing the waptrick comedy.

How to Access Waptrick comedy

Yes if you know what something is and you do not know how to access it you can’t use it. hence its time to show you how to access it. the following process listed below will do justice and teach you how to access waptrick funny videos.

  • First things first, open www.waptrick.com on your device
  • Once the site is opened, scroll down and tap on Videos with the red video icon
  • On the next page, tap on Waptrick videos
  • Now scroll down and tap on Funny.

Once you have tapped on funny the list of all the funny videos on the waptrick site would be available for you to see. Now the next step is to download the videos or watch it online. How to download the videos is next.

How to Download or Watch Waptrick Comedy Videos – on Android

Follow this procedure below to download or watch a Waptrick comedy video.

  • Once you have tapped on Funny which is the last step above, tap on any of the videos you want to watch and let it load.
  • Once it is loaded it will show you the different formats you would be able to download the video in. Choose a format out of the list you see
  • However, I will recommend you using the standard download, which is the last on the list. Because the other ones will take you to the play store. Tap on Standart download
  • And select your chrome browser
  • Once the page loads on your chrome, you will see an option to click on Download. tap Download and the file will start downloading

For Windows

  • when you have tapped on the video you want to watch or download, tap on ‘download follow by the name of the video you want to download’
  • then the video will start to load and play
  • to download the video tap the Three dots at the bottom right side of the video
  • and tap on download.


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the fact remains that laughter is good for the body and the soul. therefore make use fo this waptrick comedy. as you have seen that its pretty easy o access, use and download the funny videos of this site. whats why I am recommending that you use this site to get funny videos from now on.

am loyal smart and humble.