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When you hear the words Waptrick what comes to your mind? I can tell from the looks on your face there are different things you are thinking that it means right now. Some are correct some are wrong. hence on today’s post, we would be talking about the waptrick videos. So if you would want to know all about waptrick videos this post is your post. Because we are going to look at everything there is to know about the famous waptrick videos so stay put.

Waptrick Videos
Waptrick Videos

What is Waptrick?

As we all know Waptrick is a wapsite that specializes in downloading free content. As the name WAP implies it means the site is made for mobile use. That means you won’t have any problem trying to access this site from your mobile device. In the waptrick site, you will find various categories of downloadable materials. From music to music videos to funny videos, adult videos, and so on. So if you looking for videos to download, then the waptrick site won’t let you down.

Categories Waptrick Videos

Under the video section on Waptrick, videos are grouped into various categories. We have three major categories of the video under which we have different types of videos. The 26 major categories of videos in the waptrick which means that basically you can find almost any video here.

So if you have loce for all kninds of vidoe this wapsite is not goig to let ypu down in anyway. the categories are listed below:

These above videos are the latest categories we there are on the wapsite. However, the below categories of videos are no longer available on the platform as they have been removed. they are the Musical video clips,

Musical video clips

Before under the musical video clips, you will find videos of various musical clips. There is a vast variety of videos available under the musical video clips that are too numerous to mention. However, you will find videos ranging from reggae, Rnb. top videos, blues, etc. they are so many like I said before too numerous to mention.

Celebrity videos

We all have our favorite celebrity and what is better than a platform where we can find and download videos of your favorite celebrities. But as of now this category no longer exists.

How to Download Waptrick videos

Now that you know the type of videos that are available on this top free wapsite called Waptrick. It is time to know how to get access and download any of the videos you want from the platform. The procedure is listed below however tapping on any of the categories above will take you directly to all the videos under it. or follow the procedure below:

  • Firstly go over to the Waptrick Videos.
  • Now tap on any of the categories you want or come back to this post and scroll up to where I listed all the categories and tap on anyone.
  • After tapping on it all the videos under that category will be shown to you.
  • Now tap on any of the videos you want to download
  • Scroll down and tap on the “Download followed by the name of the video you are downloading.”
  • On desktop tap on the 3 vertical dots on the bottom right of the screen and then hit Download.

Once that is done the video file will begin to download on your device. And after you can access and play it. You should know by now that no there are different kinds and different varieties of videos on this platform. But downloading them is basically the same, as far as you can get to the videos you want you can engage in the download process from there.


waptrick is one of the top sites that still features free downloading today. Therefore, I would encourage you to start using it from now on anytime you want to download. Because of the vast variety of videos they have, its a guarantee there is a video for everyone who wants to download. And the fact that it is free and easy to use is a good thing that gives it an edge over its counterparts.

am loyal smart and humble.