What is next on smartphone display and camera – after notch, teardrop, pop up and punch hole display

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What is next on smartphones display and camera? Teardrop, pop-up cameras, hole in display, notch, these have all not cut it in the area of smartphone display and cameras. Therefore on this post, we are going to be trying to talk about, to take a glimpse of the future and bring it to the now, to try and determine what is the next trend on smartphone display and cameras would be like. We will be try to find out what we happen in the future from the present.

One thing is certain that the need to totally eliminate notches, cameras, borders, speakers microphones from the front of a smartphone and making the front display entirely a screen with a screen to body ratio of about 100% is the future of smartphone. We live in a time where technology is advancing at a rapid rate, therefore, we are going to be considering some of the already present takes on smartphone camera and display to determine what is to come.

Full Vision Display –What is next on smartphone display and camera

The LG G6 launched with a take on the full vision display, which triggered the trend later on. On the whole full vision display and the need to totally make the front of a mobile device or a mobile phone an entire screen. Without cameras and other features that are normally present on the front of a phone. The LG G6 pioneer full vision display of 18:9 aspect ratio when launched. this ratio is good for one-handed operation of phones with a large screen fitting into a small body. But that wasn’t enough, because of the need to fit a very large screen into a very small mobile device was increased.

The Notch –What is next on smartphone display and camera

Due to that very same fact for fitting a very large screen into a very small device the notch was born. And the iPhone 10 was the first phone to feature the notch the same old boring notch we all hate. Right from the time of the notch it was an instant hit among iPhone users and other companies in no time started following the footsteps of the notch. the notch was hated among mobile device users but was overlooked in the sense that almost all the device of late featured the notch.

Teardrop Display –What is next on smartphone display and camera

It got to a time when the notch became very boring and people started opting for devices without notch. Than oppo came with the oppo f7 the first phone to feature waterdrop notch or the teardrop notch. The teardrop notch was warmly welcomed among Android device uses. Because instead of having a very large notch, if it can’t be avoided at all then let there be a very small one. Hence the teardrop notch became an instant hit among Android users. not long after that, it was featured among other brands like Samsung, Oneplus, etc.

Pop-up Camera

Not many device futures the pop-up camera. and I think the basic reason is the fact that they don’t think it’s durable. Also, not many people are fans of the pop-up camera for the same reason. They think that over a long period of time the pop-up mechanism will eventually fail. However, the Vivo nex which was the first device to feature the pop-up camera is still in use today and that is about 1 year ago. Recent Vivo claims to have mastered the art of pop-up camera. This means that future pop-up camera phone will be more efficient.

I personally prefer the pop-up camera than to other types of cameras or display out there. Because the sole purpose of removing a camera from the front of a phone is so as to have a full view experience. Not a notch or any other future present on the front of the phone which as for now only those phones with the pop-up camera has. So yes the purpose of having a full-screen full view on the front of your device is not defeated using a mobile device with a pop-up camera. Because you have the entire screen on the front of the device without the intrusion of a notch whatsoever. No notch no teardrop no cut out in your display when watching movies, receiving notification or viewing pictures on your phone.

The Punch Hole Display

The punch hole display was introduced by Samsung which they called the infinity O display, this features a cutout hole on the display to allow for the camera module. This was welcomed with mixed feelings until it was released and it’s probably still getting mixed feelings from users. The idea was not entirely welcome by users. Because it is almost in the sense similar to the notch and the teardrop display as there is also the fact that a portion in the display is meant for the camera which cuts out parts of the display. Also defeating the idea of a full view display.

How I Think Future Smartphone Display Should Be Like

The first category I would like the future smartphone display to come with is to have the cameras and other sensors located under the display. Just like the way we have the in-display fingerprint scanner that is now being perfected by Qualcomm and other manufacturers. It would be nice if we have a phone that has its cameras and sensor hidden under the display. And at the same time do not cut the display. But instead are hidden under and can function just as well just like a normal phone camera would.

While on the other hand I think that instead of the notch bugging into the screen, manufacturers should try and make a phone or make phones with cameras bulging out above the screen on the top off the disply. By doing that we will have the entire screen available for us. the little bulge for the camera and other sensors.


that being said, I think that is the way forward for the next generation of mobile device cameras and display. If we are to have a full view full vision display without the disturbance of notches or cameras cut into the display ruining the idea of a full-screen device. Then these two options I think is worth considering it’s either we have to hide the cameras totally below the display or have them bulged out a little bit on the top of the phone. So yes if that is done it would solve the problem of notches permanetly.

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