WhatsApp Chat Restore – Restore WhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp Chat Restore

Good day, my wonderful people and my beloved blog visitors and very happy to see you guys again once more on my blog. permit me to ask you how you’re doing today? well, I know what the answer is I know the answer is that you guys are doing well so welcome to this post on WhatsApp chat restore. On this post today we will talk about how to restore your WhatsApp chat backup, how to do a WhatsApp setup, and lots more. As you can see already this post is going to be awesome, just sit back and relax.

WhatsApp Chat Restore
WhatsApp Chat Restore

WhatsApp chat restore

This feature has been on the WhatsApp platform for quite some time now. But not everybody actually does a backup or restore chat. The reason is simply that it will take it takes some time when setting up your WhatsApp to restore your WhatsApp chats and nobody wants to wait you just want to go ahead and start chatting. The last time I tried it took a lot of time before my chats could be restored wish I had no patience for and I had to cancel. But this feature is pretty nice and welcome if I had important chats I would have loved to back them up and restore them. this features basically restore your chat backup and in case your phone gets stolen can be restored in a new device or a new WhatsApp application.

Chat Backup

Before you can do a WhatsApp chat restore, you must first have undergone the backup process before you can restore anything. It simply goes without saying that anything you did not backup can’t be restored. so to perform a WhatsApp backup you must have set your WhatsApp to always backup your chat history during the time you were using it. so as to leave or enable the option to restore later in the future if the need arises. WhatsApp chat can be backed up into your google drive or your local device. backing up to Google drive is preferable to incase you lose your memory card.

How to import WhatsApp chat from email

Why it is possible to backup your WhatsApp chat to your email it is impossible to restore them back to your WhatsApp. This is due to the fact that WhatsApp saves the chats you backup to email as txt files that can only be read and cannot be restored back. So you can make do of reading the chats from your email but you cannot restore them back to your device.

  • now open the chat you want to backup.
  • now tap on More options.
  • select Export chat.
  • Select if you will include media or not.

How to restore WhatsApp backup

Restoring a WhatsApp backup is as easy as doing the backup itself. Also means how to restore WhatsApp chat messages on a new phone, or on new WhatsApp. To do that follow the procedure below.

  • To restore WhatsApp backup from your Google drive, after installing your and verifying your phone number which should be the same phone number you used in creating the backup
  • You will be asked to restore chat if a WhatsApp backup is detected, simply tap on Restore.

Once you have tapped on restore you have to wait for some time for your back up to be restored to your WhatsApp application. However, you must make sure it is the same phone number and that you have either backed up your WhatsApp chats to your Google drive or to your local device. Also note that if you use the local backup that, it would be backed up to your phone directly instead of using the Google drive, so when to want to restore to a new device, you will have to transfer your backup files from the old one to the new one. So that WhatsApp can detect a backup and restore it.

To restore a less than recent local backup

If your backup has been more than 7 days of which above that WhatsApp no longer considers it as a recent backup, and cannot be restored by WhatsApp. you will need a file manager in order to change the date so that it can be restored by WhatsApp. However, using the Google drive only recent backup is stored on it and that’s why they can be restored at any time because they are recent backups. Now, to restore that kind of backup do the following.

  • Open your file manager and local your sd card and tap on it
  • now scroll down and tap on WhatsApp folder.
  • then select Database. but if you can’t find it there you might want to check your internal memory.
  • what you do is that you rename the file that says msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgstore.db.crypt12.
  • then open your WhatsApp and set it up till when you get to the point of restore, and tap on it.