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Good day guys and welcome to this post today on WhatsApp chat. WhatsApp which was recently purchased by Facebook is still standing strong at the top of the online social media instant messaging app present today. And that is why WhatsApp chat is coming to you in the form of a post. This post will teach you how to engage in a WhatsApp chat. How to reply to a WhatsApp chat. How to download WhatsApp and set it up. So stay tuned and follow me as we run through this post.

WhatsApp chat
WhatsApp chat

WhatsApp chat

WhatsApp is an instant messaging cross-platform social media app. That can be used to chat with users for various platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone, and others provided they have the WhatsApp application installed on their device. that is due to the fact that the WhatsApp application is a cross-platform messaging app. There are lots of features on a WhatsApp application. Like video calling, audio call, chatting, status, and so much more present on the WhatsApp platform that makes it the number one social media instant messaging app available today. Downloading and installing the WhatsApp application is as easy as pushing a button. Likewise also chat on WhatsApp is easy.

How to download and install WhatsApp

The process of downloading and installing WhatsApp also make you download the latest WhatsApp update or updated WhatsApp. So to download WhatsApp for Android and iOS follow the instructions below.

  • Lunch your Android play store or your iOS app store.
  • Now on the search bar of both devices type and search for ‘WhatsApp Messenger.’
  • Now tap on the first result which should be the WhatsApp application.
  • On Android tap on Accept and Install. for the iOS guys tap on Get followed by tapping on Install.

The last step is the step that installs the WhatsApp to your device. once those steps are carried out properly the WhatsApp application must be downloaded into your device. Except in the case where you made a mistake then you kindly go over the procedure again.

How to setup WhatsApp

Setting up a WhatsApp account for the first time means signing up to WhatsApp account or WhatsApp sign up. However, if you already have an account is still the same process you use in setting up your account the first time you are still going to do again to set it up again. The process is below.

  • Open WhatsApp you have downloaded and tap on Agree and Continue.
  • Tap on Continue again for the next box that appears.
  • Now tap on Allow on the other two boxes that will appear. This grant WhatsApp access to your device.
  • Now type in your phone number and tap on Ok
  • Type in the verification code sent to you if WhatsApp does not automatically, and tap on next.

After doing that you are officially done with your WhatsApp setup. all you need now is to set up your profile and then start WhatsApp chat online.

How to start a WhatsApp chat

Once the WhatsApp application has been successfully installed on your device. It is now time to start a WhatsApp chat. To start a WhatsApp chat carry out the procedure below.

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Tap on the Chats tab.
  • Tap on the More chats icon.
  • Now tap on the More option and tap on Refresh.
  • Now scroll down and tap on anybody want to chat with.
  • Tap on the box at the bottom of the chat that says ‘type a message.’
  • Now your keyboard will pop out, type in your message and then tap on Send icon at the bottom right part of the screen.

After doing that the message will be sent to the participants you want to start a chat with. When the person has replied you can start again chatting with the person.


If you do not know by now that WhatsApp the top messaging instant cross-platform social media app. then that is a serious case and you probably do not have WhatsApp installed on your device or using it. What I will do for you is to encourage you to start using it from today. Because I know and I’m sure that almost all your friends are using it. you might be the only one not using it. So give WhatsApp a try and start using WhatsApp today follow all instructions and you will have the WhatsApp application installed on your phone and start using it in no time.

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