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Yes, robots are real and they are getting closer than you imagine. In our schools, on the road, in the hospitals and now on our chats. These bots do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you notice the world is going towards the era of the robots and AI. That brings us to today’s post on WhatsApp chatbot. So if you would want to know all about chatbots on WhatsApp and how to use them for your business then continue reading.

WhatsApp Chatbot
WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp chatbot – What They Are

These are created framework based on conversation, which allows people to talk with a specialized structure. Their response is completely computerized and has a place for both input and output. Another definition is that they are programmed software that runs on encryption which WhatsApp users can communicate with as if they are chatting with a real person, however, their response is limited to their programming.

These bots have their own advantages and they are business-related. That is they are good for those using WhatsApp business to have to interact with their customers. Let’s see some more of the benefits of chatbots.

Advantages of WhatsApp chatbots

If you are familiar to facebook messager you will know that chatbots are doing a lot and have lots of users and advantages. So as WhatsApp is slowly testing their beta WhatsApp for business it is necessary we talk on some of the advantages of it.

  • They assist you with your response to your customers and answer questions.
  • Also provides assists to customers concerning daily activities.
  • Gives your customers the necessary customer enhancement they need.
  • Can bring about sales as they effectively engage with them.
  • Secure your customer chat with the end to end encryption that is also available on the Whatsapp platform.

These are some of the usefulness of these bots, as you have seen their usefulness is mainly beneficial to those on the WhatsApp for business. You cant just wake-up and then decide to create a chatbot for fun.

Whatsapp Messenger Chatbot – How to Create

While these bots are of great benefits to you and your business creating one is not easy. There are lots of processes involved in getting or creating one.

The first step is to appeal for the beta program which is the “WhatsApp for Business” for a chatbot with all the necessary information required. The next thing is to determine the kind of conversation your chatbot will engage in. Now you can utilize a chatbot generator and a host for the bot after you have the appropriate one then you can proceed to the next step.

Which is reviewing your business bot to make sure everything is ok and it works well for the need it was created for. Then fix errors and others to get the bot ready for use.


And there you have it, as you have seen that the chatbots are the latest in town and it is necessary every business has it. The only set back is that the WhatsApp for business platform which allows for the chatbots creations is still in beta stage. So in that light, it is better to use chatbots on other platforms like facebook messenger for your chatbots as it is already developed for that purpose.

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