WhatsApp download for Android

WhatsApp which was recently purchased by Facebook it’s one of the top instant messaging application presently. in fact, it is the number one instant messaging app present today. And that is why we have decided to bring you this post on WhatsApp download for Android. Android is also one of the top mobile platforms today. That is why we are only going to look at WhatsApp download for Android, how to set up WhatsApp, among others on this post today.

The WhatsApp platform

The WhatsApp platform is a free messaging platform that cut across various operating systems. including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, windows and so on. that means the application it’s a free cross-platform instant messaging app. Made solely for the purpose of chatting and messaging friends, families, etc. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook in February 2014, which was the highest purchase at that time. however now WhatsApp is the top instant messaging app with billions of monthly users. Using the app for chatting, calling, uploading of videos and pictures, viewing status and so on. while on a regular basis features are being added to the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp download for Android

As you have seen above I said that the WhatsApp application is a cross-platform messaging platform. That is available for most operating systems. Including both Android and iOS devices which are our favorites. However, on this post we will be focusing on Android, at the topic says WhatsApp download for Android. it is important to note that there are two ways of getting the WhatsApp application for your Android device. Which are through the play store and also through the WhatsApp site. And luckily for you, we would be talking about both of them on this post.

WhatsApp download for Android from play store

Play store is the most trusted source to get your apps for your Android device. Well, except the app’s website. and the play store is Google own market for Android apps. therefore you can feel free while downloading apps from the play store. Now to know how to download the WhatsApp application from play store follow the instruction below.

  • On your Android, navigate to your play store and tap on it.
  • Now on the search bar, type and search for ‘WhatsApp.’
  • When the results comes out WhatsApp should be the first on the list tap on it.
  • Tap tap on Install
  • Follow by tapping on Accept.

Once you’ve done that, the WhatsApp application will start to download on your device. after downloading you can open it and go ahead with the process of setting up. the setup process will be talked about in a bit.

WhatsApp download from website

To download the WhatsApp from the official WhatsApp website, you would have use your computer browser for it. Once you have your computer follow the instructions below exactly in order to do so.

  • Visit https://www.whatsapp.com/ on your computer browser and tap on Download at the top right side.
  • Now click on Android.
  • And click on Download Now.

Once you have clicked on download now, the WhatsApp application will download to your browser. now to get it into your phone and install it you have to do the following. You have to enable unknown sources on your Android device. follow the procedure below to do so if you have not done that before.

  • Transfer the file from your computer to your device.
  • Go to settings on your phone.
  • Tap on Security
  • And finally, tap on Unknown sources.

How to install the WhatsApp application

  • Navigate to where the WhatsApp application was sent to on your phone by you.
  • Tap on it and tap on Install. And wait a few minutes for it to install.
  • Then tap on Open.

How to setup WhatsApp

Once the WhatsApp application is successfully installed on your phone.what is remaining is for you to set up an account on the WhatsApp. To do so follow the below procedure.

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Tap on Agree and Continue.
  • then Tap on Continue again.
  • Tap on Allow on the boxes that will show next.
  • Type your phone number and press OK
  • Now type in the verification could send to you.
  • Tap on Next and you are done.


the truth is that WhatsApp is the number one messaging app and almost everyone on the Android platform is a user. so in case, you want to download the app on your Android device. then you can to the right post.

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