WhatsApp for iPad – How to use WhatsApp on your iPad

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You are all welcome to this post today. We have all heard and seen all the promises made by WhatsApp to finally be able to support iPad devices. But to our greatest surprises till now there is still no support for Whatsapp on iPad devices. And that is where this post comes in today. On this post, I am going to teach you a workaround to use WhatsApp on your iPad devices. For you to be able to enjoy all your WhatsApp activities live and direct on your iPad device. So follow me closely as a take you on the ride.

WhatsApp for iPad
WhatsApp for iPad

Work around WhatsApp for iPad

Whatsapp which is the number one instant messaging app with over 1 billion users monthly. And recently purchased by Facebook is one of the best social media chatting app. With lots of features, and one will think that our favorite pads should have it. But the harsh truth is that it doesn’t. And that is why I will be showing you how to work around it today. To get your favorite chatting app on your favorite tablet device. The reason why WhatsApp does not work on iPad devices is that WhatsApp makes use of mobile phone numbers. of which iPads do not have and so WhatsApp can’t work. However with WhatsApp web and your safari browser on your iPad and your iPhone you can enjoy WhatsApp on it.

How to use WhatsApp on iPad

To use it you will need your iPhone device and your Safari browser on your iPad. Once that is available you can now make use of the WhatsApp web to connect your WhatsApp from your iPhone to your iPad as you do on a PC. The Below steps show how to do that.

  • Pick up your iPad device, open your Safari browser and head to the WhatsApp web site.
  • Now when the page is opened you will discover it takes you to the WhatsApp homepage. What you do is you tap and hold the Refresh button till you see an instruction telling you to load desktop site. Now tap on the Load desktop site.
  • When the page has loaded again you will see the norma WhatsApp web page. Now pick up your iPhone, open the WhatsApp, tap on More options to reveal other options and tap on Settings and select WhatsApp web.
  • Now you scan the QR code on your iPad with your iPhone. By placing your iPhone over the iPad and make sure the QR code is captured on the screen of your iPhone to be scanned.

Once that is done successfully the device would be paired. And the WhatsApp web on your iPad device will reload a duplicate of your WhatsApp on your iPhone device. There are however some disadvantages to using Safari to access the WhatsApp web.

Disadvantages of safari for WhatsApp web

There are two disadvantages of using it on safari on iPad devices. because of the fact that safari does not fully support WhatsApp web, you won’t be able to receive notifications on its bar. however incoming messages and others will appear on the WhatsApp web itself but notifications won’t show on your notification bar. And finally you won’t be able to send voice messages but you can receive and play the ones sent to you. If you ask me I will say this a nice workaround to not having WhatsApp at all on iPad.

install whatsapp on ipad

Do not be confused, for now, there is no way to use the WhatsApp app for iPad devices by installing it. Simply because it is not necessary to do so. Even if you install it, you won’t be able to use it. The only way you use the application on your iPad is to use the method I just showed to you above.

WhatsApp for iPad
WhatsApp for iPad

whatsapp for apple iPhone

To get the whatapp application for your iPhone device to use in pairing without your iPad is easy. It just requires you to visit the ios app store download the app and then set it up to start using it. After that, you can pair with your iPad. Now to know how to do that check this my other post on how to download and install WhatsApp for android and ios.


While we are still patiently waiting for WhatsApp to work their magic and release a WhatsApp app compatible with our iPad. Let make use of this solution I just shared in the main time. Till there is a good way to use the app on iPad.

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