WhatsApp GB 2019 – GB WhatsApp 2019 download

WhatsApp which is the number one instant chat messenger platform in existence today is also the best instant chat messenger platform. Which was also recently purchased by Facebook seeing its potential to become a great platform. However, there are still little things lacking on the platform and that is why we have different kinds of WhatsApp mod available today. And today we’re going to be talking about WhatsApp GB 2019. That is the latest 2019 WhatsApp GB application. About its feature, how to download it and others on this post today.

WhatsApp GB 2019
WhatsApp GB 2019

Read before you install

Now, the WhatsApp GB is a very great alternative to the original WhatsApp to use. It, however, comes with great risks involved in the sense that WhatsApp has started to ban users that are making use of the WhatsApp GB. So, you can install the GB WhatsApp at your own risk. But bear in mind that your account may be banned. As they have already started banning those users using WhatsApp GB. Moreover, if you still choose to continue despite the warning then let’s forge ahead on the WhatsApp GB 2019 update.

What is WhatsApp GB?

WhatsApp GB is the most popular type of WhatsApp mod and the most popularly used for a lot of things. That is not available on the original WhatsApp application. And that is the number one reason why some users opt for this instead of the original WhatsApp application. With this modded app you can do a lot of things and have lots of interesting functions available to you for your chatting and others. We are going to talk about some of it’s best features next.

Features of whatsapp GB

Like I have mentioned before on this post the WhatsApp GB has lots of features. That makes users opt for it instead of the original application. And this is tied to the fact that this app is a modded app and also receives regular updates anytime the original WhatsApp received an update. Some of these best features are listed below.

  • Receive regular updates just like the main application.
  • Can be used to download WhatsApp status easily without the use of third-party apps.
  • Receive an update on who comes online using this app.
  • Also, use different types of themes instead of the traditional boring WhatsApp theme.
  • It enables you to use dual WhatsApp account and more.

All these cannot be done through the original application only through the help of the WhatsApp GB. and that is why some people have decided to opt for the WhatsApp GB instead of continuing using the original app. I myself I personally love using WhatsApp GB and I’ve been using it for quite some time now. But if you want to experience the full glory of this app then you have to download it for yourself and start using it. but bear in mind use it at your own risk as WhatsApp may ban your account.

GB WhatsApp 2019 download

If you have decided that you must download the GB WhatsApp application at all costs, despite facing imminent banning of your WhatsApp account then proceed forward. the process below will teach you how to download WhatsApp GB 2019.

  • Visit the GB download page.
  • Now scroll down and tap on the first Download button.
  • On the next page select any of the download options suitable for you. Preferably the first one and tap on it.
  • When the next page is opened tap on Download to begin the download.

Once you have tapped on the one you want to download, the app will download. now install it and set it up as you would set up a normal WhatsApp or check this post on WhatsApp set up. this is also the GB WhatsApp 2019 new version download, which they said it has an anti-ban feature to prevent you from getting ban by WhatsApp, so do try it out and see as it has not been tested by me.


GB WhatsApp is a great alternative to the main or original app. as it contains more features and fewer restrictions than the original app. so if you wouldn’t mind the fact that WhatsApp has decided to ban mod users you can then go for it. however, the last apk shown on this post is claimed to have anti-ban capabilities as claimed by the makers. so you might want to give it a try.