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WhatsApp Mobile – Brief History

Before we start blabbing about WhatsApp mobile, its features, how great and important it is let’s take a look at a brief history about how WhatsApp came into existence. Brian Acton and Jan Koum, they were former employees of Yahoo. after being rejected by Facebook. In January 2009 when they purchased an iPhone they quickly realized the much possibilities of the app store, koum was amazed so anytime he visited his friend Alex Fishman in west San Jose they would all talk about ”having status next to individual names of the people’’ that was how WhatsApp was born.

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp mobile is a social media messaging platform, where you can chat, update your status, upload pictures, view pictures, videos, create groups and lots more. the WhatsApp mobile platform cuts across most mobile platforms, that means that WhatsApp is available for Android, iOS, windows etc. someone using WhatsApp on Android can interact with someone using WhatsApp on an iPhone, windows phone etc. provided they have the persons contact.

On February 19, 2014, Facebook announced its intentions to acquire WhatsApp mobile, for US$19B billion which is its largest acquisition up to date at that time this acquisition was the largest perchance in history. Since then WhatsApp has undergone several major updates that make it one of the best among online messaging platform till date.

Why is WhatsApp mobile so popular

As at this time of writing, WhatsApp is the most popular social media messing platform. because of the following;


  • WhatsApp came at the right time exactly when people needed exactly what it offers. and continued like that for a couple of years without any competition.
  • WhatsApp was made on the go. this I mean in term of mobility. because WhatsApp was made for mobile devices and not for computers giving it the advantage of a mobile environment. it came at a time when the trend was shifting from stationary computers and to the era of smartphones tablets etc. and also at a time where data was getting more accessible and cheaper.
  • it also has lots of amazing features available and more features were been added on a timely basis.
  • Also, the ability to work on most mobile platforms including android ios and windows made it see a widened number of users across most platforms.
  • The ability to use one’s own mobile number was greatly appreciated because your profile is tied to your mobile number.
  • There was no longer a need for SMS texting. of which their prices are very high, one can easily send a text on WhatsApp provided they are connected to the internet
  • finally, the absence of ads means no annoying pop-up advert when using WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp mobile

  • making video and audio calls.
  • end to end encryption.
  • you can share documents.
  • You can delete sent texts.
  • WhatsApp can be used on your computer.
  • Makes sure prying eyes can’t view your messages by preventing some part of your messages from appearing on your home screen.

However, there are a ton more of features available on the WhatsApp mobile platform, to know more you have to get the app.

Where to Download WhatsApp –WhatsApp mobile

WhatsApp can be download for Android and iOS via their respective app stores, or by visiting www.whatsapp.com. And selecting your platform and clicking on the download button that will either take you to your phone’s store or start the download automatically.

How to Set up WhatsApp –WhatsApp mobile

The process of setting up a WhatsApp account is quite easy to do and does not take time. bellow are the steps to do so:

  • Lunch the WhatsApp application.
  • Now hit Agree and Continue.
  • Hit Continue again.
  • Tick allow on the two boxes that would be displayed next. its to grant permission to WhatsApp to access your files.
  • Now type your mobile number.
  • Hit ok to continue
  • WhatsApp should automatically verify your number but if it doesn’t then type the verification code sent to you via SMS.
  • tap on Next and you are done.

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