When Will Stimulus Checks Be Mailed – Coronavirus Stimulus Checks | How To Track Your Stimulus Check

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If you are wondering when will Stimulus Checks be mailed. If you live in the U.S.A then this information is for you. The I.R.S and the treasury department have stated that tens of millions of Americans have already started to receive their stimulus payment. This is done via direct deposit though some have not yet received payment. The government is sending eligible Americans the sum of one thousand two hundred dollars economic impact payment. Then an additional sum of five hundred dollars per child.

When Will Stimulus Checks Be Mailed
When Will Stimulus Checks Be Mailed

If you have not gotten yours and are wondering when it is going to show up worry not. Because IRS tweeted that those who file taxes in 2019 or 2018 and supplied direct deposit information would see their money. The quickest way to get your Stimulus Checks is by going through direct deposit. If you did not provide your banking information then you should endeavor to do so. You can use the IRS to get my payment tool on the website to update your information.

When will Stimulus Checks be Mailed

If you do not have a direct deposit set up with the IRS then you will receive your check through your mail. On Tuesday the 21st of April the treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin said that they have already started sending out checks.

As stated in a memo from the house ways and means committee the IRS will be issuing paper checks in the week of April 20. Americans with the lowest income will be the first to get their checks. As the memo states about five million checks will be issued each week and it will take up to twenty weeks for everyone to get their checks. The exact timeline for mailing the checks has yet to be confirmed by the IRS.

Schedule of Payment by IRS

Though IRS has not confirmed the timeline for payment here is the weekly planned schedule as stated in the internal documents viewed by Washington Post. And according to the internal plan checks will be sent to income earners of $10,000 and gradually increase to those with higher income. These dates represent the week ending and note that the IRS can change the schedule at any time. 

  • Income earners up to $10,000: April 24
  • Income earners between $10,001-$20,000: May 1
  • Income between $20,001-$30,000: May 8
  • Income between $30,001-$40,000: May 15
  • Income between $30,001-$40,000: May 15
  • Income earners between $40,001-$50,000: May 22
  • Income between $50,001-$60,000: May 29
  • Income between $60,001-$70,000: June 5
  • Income between $70,001-$80,000: June 12
  • Income between $80,001-$90,000: June 19
  • Income between $90,001-$100,000: June 26
  • Income between $100,001-$110,000: July 3
  • Income between $110,001-$120,000: July 10
  • Income between $120,001-$130,000: July 17
  • Income between $130,001-$140,000: July 24
  • Income between $140,001-$150,000: July 31
  • Income between $150,001-$160,000: August 7
  • Income between $160,001-$170,000: August 14
  • Income between $170,001-$180,000: August 21
  • Income between $180,001-$190,000: August 28
  • Income between $190,001-$198,000: September 4
  • All remaining checks will be sent September 11

How to track your stimulus check

The next payment has started already so if you would want to keep track of yours no one will question you. All you need is to use the IRS tracking system to see the progress. let’s see the process below.

  • Visit the IRS Get My Payment page.
  • Tap the Get My Payment button, this will enable you check the status of your payment.
  • Tap on Ok on the next page.
  • Then enter your social security number on the next page. Or enter your individual tax ID (ITIN).
  • Also, enter your date of birth street address and your zip code.
  • after filling all that tap on Continue and you are done.

The next page will show you all you need to know about your stimulus payment.


Most Americans do not need to do anything to get their checks and IRS is using your tax information if 2019. If you have not filed your tax yet your 2018 tax information will be used to calculate payment. If the IRS does not have your banking information the treasury has developed a web-based portal for you to provide your information so you can receive payment immediately instead of checks in the mail.

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