Wi-Fi full name – What it Means

Not many people know the meaning of what the words in wifi stand for. People are very lazy and they can be ignorant of something they use almost every day. or even understand how it works all they do is use. Ask yourself if you know the meaning of Wi-Fi full name.

Wi-Fi full name

I think you don’t because if you do you won’t be reading this thread anyway no offense though. But the good news is that you would be able to answer this question after today. It’s a good thing you came across this post about wifi full name.

What Wi-Fi Stand For –Wi-Fi full name

Do not think that the WI in Wi-Fi stands for wireless. This is contrary to what you think or the popular notion. And also know that Wi-Fi those not mean Wireless fidelity this is what many people believe because an ad agency was responsible for giving it that name in 1999.

The term Wireless fidelity is just a misconception. Even in technical terms, wireless fidelity means nothing nor is it used anywhere technically. Fidelity can be described as a just a performance receiver matrix that explains how faithfully a receiver reproduces an actual audio quality.

There is a “W” and “F” in Wi-Fi that isn’t a short form for anything so now you know. It’s just a trademark that is used by IEEE 802.11 (WIRELESS LAN) standards. Is a typical wireless access point that makes use of 802.11g which might have a range of 120ft indoors and that of 300ft outdoors. A hotspot can be described as the region that is covered by one or several wireless access points.

Why use Wi-Fi

Now that you know about that. let’s talk about some of the reason why we use wifi. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • It can be used for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc, to connect at any time of convenience.
  • Gives you internet access at any place you find yourself.
  • Can be used to connect a new device to a new network.
  • You can easily add more devices to the Wi-Fi without cost or time.
  • Wi-Fi enabled devices can be used or are used in the office to conveniently access office files from any location which can increase productivity.
  • More devices can be added to Wi-Fi without any cost unlike when you have to buy cables.
  • It has standardized for all countries, which helps a mobile device to connect to the Wi-Fi regardless of location.

Those are some of the few reasons why people use Wi-Fi on their mobile devices these days.

How to connect your mobile phone to a Wi-Fi

I will show you exactly how to connect your android phone and iPhone. So without further waste of time lets go ahead and jump in:

On android –Wi-Fi full name

  • On your phone go to Settings.
  • tap on Wi-Fi.
  • Then turn it on by toggling it.
  • Then wait a moment for your phone to search out available Wi-Fi, then tap on the one you want to Connect.
  • If there is a password put it and then click on Connect.

On iPhone – Wi-Fi full name

Follow this steps to do so:

  • Go to your phone’s Setting.
  • Touch WiFi.
  • Where you see Choose A Network, tap the name of the network you want to connect to.
  • Then input a password if there is one, and click Connect if not also click Connect.

Now that was very easy. Be sure to go through the steps again if you are not clear they are self-explanatory.


The next time you would hear someone say that Wi-Fi means wireless fidelity you can now correct and educate the person on that. Most people use Wi-Fi every day either in the office or at home it does’ matter where you use Wi-Fi you should know what it entails. So till next time keep on using Wi-Fi.

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