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Have you ever heard the word or the name waptrick before? If you have then I bet you that you must have visited www.waptrick.com for free-content to download before. you should know that the waptrick platform is one of the sites that still offer free contents to download today. This site has been available right from the days of the Java and Symbian devices. and it is still strong till date. As those days are long gone this platform is still here strong and doing wonderfully well. This is the very same site most of us used in learning how to download Java games. Apps wallpapers and all that in the days long passed.


Waptrick, as I said earlier, is a wap site that specializes in free content downloading. As different kinds of content from games to phone ringtones to wallpapers, applications are available and can be downloaded from the waptrick perform without sweat. Waptrick is still one of the free concert downloading platforms available today. Also ranked by Google as a free and a safe website to download your files and content from without any harm to your device. The platform sees millions of downloads and visits daily making it one of the favorite free download sites.

What Type of Content are in Waptrick

Like I said above waptrick offers a variety of content from music to games to wallpapers to ringtones and what have you. However, the content on this site is categorized into a few major categories. We have ‘updates ‘as a major category under which you can find subcategories such as, latest games, songs, and videos that are added daily. You also find the ‘games category’ under which you find categories such as Android games and Java games. And also you can find other major categories such as waptrick videos, videos, applications themes, etc. we can’t mention all of them here on this post

Tv Series the Best – www.waptrick.com

You can also get some of the best tv series from this platform. it’s also easy at a breeze. all types of tv series can be found on this platform and that is why waptrick I one of the best for downloading tv-series you require only three steps to download tv series form this platform. and the steps I listed below.

  • Enter the Waptrick site and tap on vides when the site is loaded.
  • Tap on videos and again click on Waptrick videos.
  • Finally, scroll down and tap on TV Serials.
  • Tap on anyone tv series, choose a quality and then tap the first download option to download.

Its as easy as that remember I told you before. to use that method and download as much as you like to download.

How to download files from waptrick – www.waptrick.com

you should be glad to know that whatsoever kind of file you want to download from Waptrick the process is basically the same. Just a little or few steps and added or omitted as the case may be. It is basically the same process.

  • Using your mobile phone launch any of your browsers
  • Now visit www.waptrick.com on your browser
  • Once the site opens, after browsing through and looking for what you want to download
  • Tap on the file you want to download
  • Now tap on Download followed by the file name of the file. For example ‘download the flash.’
  • Now select any of the download options if you see so. If not just tap on download again.

New Videos

to access the new video section of the waptrick platform is easy. all you have to do is to;

  • Go to the waptrick site and tap on Videos
  • Now tap on Waptrick videos than on the next page tap on New Videos.

Movie Trailer New

This platform contains come movie trailers for your viewing pleasure. So if you love movie trailer then follow the procedure below.

  • Visit the waptrick site again.
  • Tap on Videos and then tap on Waptrick videos and on the next page.
  • Tap on New videos.

However the downloading of various kinds of content requires a little brain as the process is not entirely straight forward. As I said earlier but the process is basically the same thing. In some cases where you can’t find download quality just find a straight-forward download just tap on it. In some cases, you have to choose download quality, after you have chosen the method to download with.

Free Music

There are lots of music on the waptrick platform all of which can be easily downloaded. If you are a music lover you should really try out this platform as they have all kinds of music you will ever need. All you have to do is to just access the platform and you are done. Once you visit the site you will see first categories of music. Or you can simply do a search to find exactly what you are looking for. Let us see how to access free music exactly.

  • lunch your browser again an head over to the waptrick site.
  • Once opened, tap on Music.
  • Then select a category of music you want, or simply search for the one you want from the search bar.
  • Now tap on the music you want to Download.
  • Tap on the first download link which is the one on top.


Google itself ranked waptrick as one of the best virus-free platforms to get your content from. Also, the other thing that makes me happy is that whatever kind of content you looking for you can find on the waptrick platform. Again the waptrick contents are also easy and free to download. What more can we ask for? We have a platform that is free of virus, spans a wide variety of contents and easy, free to download from, sign me up any day anytime.

am loyal smart and humble.