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Learn how to boost your business on the Yahoo local platform to drive more sales, traffic, profit, returns and more. We live in a time where there are various kinds of tools available to catapult your business from a state where it is now to a hi estate and stance in the society. Just by making use of some tools made available by some big companies for small businesses. That is where the Yahoo local comes in. on this post, you will be taught how to create a Yahoo business listing, why to use Yahoo local works amongst others on this post today.

Yahoo Business Listing
Yahoo Business Listing

How does Yahoo local work?

The Yahoo Local is an all-in-one platform that helps to manage small businesses listings over a network of more than 70 directories including digital maps, social media, GPS and more. Yahoo local small business directory which yahoo offers, In other words, Yahoo Local gives you the control over the way your business listings appear and the case where potential customers search for your business services online. Yext is the company responsible for taking care of everything about your listings and more.

Why use Yahoo Local?

Believe it or not, yahoo is still one of the top search engine available today. And one out of eight searches comes from Yahoo. so it is important to get your business listed in the Yahoo platform in order to gain more popularity and publicity. Also, get searches that will result in a visit to your business or website within 24 hours using Yahoo local. Gives you the opportunity to stand out online as you update your business information across search engines, social networks maps and more and enhance your listings to attract customer using local. The ability to set actionable report on how visitors will interact with your listings and also track their behavior about your businesses and receive competitive insight to make your business move forward using Local. These and more reasons are is why anyone you will want to use Yahoo for small business specifically Yahoo local.

Yahoo Business Listing – Yext Local Listings

It is therefore important to list your business on the Yahoo platform to start taking advantage of it today. Yahoo partnered with Yext, so as to give you complete control over or your listings. You can also use Yahoo Yext to create listings as well as Yahoo local. Let’s talk about how to claim a free yahoo local business listings.

Yahoo Business Listing Free – Yext Free Business Listing

Small business listings and everything concerning yahoo mall business has been hand over to Yext to handle. there are various plans to subscribe for when you want to add your listings. but however, there is still a way for us to get free listing using Yext. This process will be talked about next of this post so keep reading.

How to List my Business on Yahoo for Free

This process will not only show you have to claim a free local business listing but will also show you how to claim a paid local listing. Follow the procedure below to do so.

  • Open the Yahoo for small business website then type and search for your business. when the result is out tap on Add or Update your Business
  • Now fill in your business information then click on Find My Listings.
  • Then click on Continue.
  • Fill in the information about your listing make sure to use your correct business information. And click on Continue again when you are done.
  • On the next page, you will see the different paid plans available. Click on any of the paid plans to claim a paid plan or click on the Claim your business listing only on yahoo which is below, for a free business listing.
  • On the basic listing page which will now be displayed to you, complete all necessary check out and finally click Place Order for a free listing.
  • Next, you will receive an email for verification, click on the link in the email create a password from thee and log in.
  • Finally, verify that you represent the business, you can choose the option for them to call you.

After doing all that correctly, you have successfully created a free listing. The process was easy, wasn’t it? However, we are not done yet, you will need to know how to edit it in case you made a mistake.

Yahoo Business Listing Edit

In case you made a mistake or you simply want to change some information about your business kiting, then there is a way for you to do that by editing it. I have detailed easy steps below to do so.

  • Log into your yahoo local account and locate your yahoo local listings account center.
  • Now click on the Edit that is close to your business name. now edit your business information.
  • Then click on Preview Listing to see what you have done.
  • If satisfied, click on Close Preview and then clicks on I agree to yahoo Local Listings Term of Service…
  • And finally, tap on submit information to update it.


You cannot afford to miss out of this great opportunity yahoo Yext is offering to take your business to the next level. People are searching for your business and they want to interact with your business, that’s one of the reasons to enroll your business on this platform today and enjoy its full benefit. Take advantage of this post today and thank me later.

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