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This post is for our cricket lovers out there that would love to get ahead and stay updated with the recent cricket world cup and more going on. if you are a cricket lover then this post is for you as Yahoo cricket is a platform that will keep you updated on everything you will need to know about cricket. So if you searching for a platform, then I bring to you the ultimate platform for anything concerning cricket. On this post, we would look at the Yahoo cricket, its benefits, how to access. Yahoo cricket app, cricket upcoming matches, and others on the scores today.

Yahoo Cricket
Yahoo Cricket

What is Yahoo cricket?

Yahoo cricket is a website owned by Yahoo USA but is being run in India, whereby all things relating to cricket are made available for you. This platform is for the cricket fans out there that will want to stay updated concerning anything cricket. Get the latest information, see how tournaments are ongoing and so much more. Making it the ideal platform for cricket fans to follow the sport or the world of cricket. In 2009 Yahoo acquired the license to be partners with the international cricket council (ICC) to feature exclusively all-online ICC activities, making them one of the best cricket website available and still is today.

How to access this platform

Now that you have known what this platform is all about it is time to know how to access it. However, accessing this platform is as easy as a breeze. all that you have to do is just to navigate to the website and you’re done. the instructions listed below will teach you how to do that exactly.

  • Get your mobile phone or a computer device that has internet access and a browser.
  • Now tap on the Yahoo cricket website.
  • And wait for it the site to open.

Now once the website has been opened you now have unlimited access to the Yahoo cricket platform. This platform is totally free all.


This platform has lots of features that will make your experience a fun one. Using this platform you gain access to all the pictures of games and others, latest updates, news, videos of matches, scores, fixtures, schedule, results, scorecards, latest ranking and much more. I will repeat it again this platform is one of the best in the world and the sport of cricket.

Yahoo cricket app

The app is available for both Android and iOS and has some new features such as moments you missed, infographic and so much more. to get all the goodies of the app you have to follow the below procedure to download it.

  • Open your play store or app store depending on the device you use.
  • Now on the search bar type and search for ‘Yahoo cricket app’
  • When the result comes out it should be first on the list.
  • On Android, tap on Install and Accept. While on IOS tap on Get and Install.

That is the whole procedure of downloading the app. Once that is done the app will start to download and install. But you should bear in mind that this cricket app or the Yahoo cricket website is not available for all locations. So If you can’t access the website then know is not available for your location.

Yahoo cricket live stream

While this website does not allow for live streaming of cricket matches you can catch live streams of cricket matches on other platforms such as Hotstar. They offer free live streaming for most matches and they are also the number one free cricket streaming app both in India and in some parts of the world. What you have to do is visit the Hotstar website.

Yahoo cricket upcoming match

As you have seen above this platform also has the feature to show you schedule, fixtures and upcoming events on the cricket world of sports. To access them is easy. All you have to do is follow this link straight to the Yahoo cricket fixtures and upcoming matches.


The world of cricket is a very large world that has thousands of fans all over the planet. And the cricket sport is gaining more grounds every day even as the world cup is going on. Now, this post has given you everything you need to know about the Yahoo cricket platform in order for you to stay updated and catch live streams, upcoming matches, and everything. So till next time I say…let the games begin

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