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A group is always a place where different kinds of people, from different kind of places can come together and mingle as one. And being in a fun group can be exactly what some people need right now. Do you have a group of friends that are not close to each other, what you do is put them in a group and let the conversations go on. With Yahoo groups my you can easily enjoy engaging conversations, fun activities and more. And that is why I am bringing you this post today on Yahoo groups my. 

 Yahoo Groups My
Yahoo Groups My

You might never know this might be what you actually need right now being in an interesting group. So let’s go as we have important things to discuss in this post today.

Yahoo Groups My

My Yahoo groups or Yahoo groups my simply put are the groups you are in or have created on the Yahoo platform. There are thousands of groups and more are being created every day by individuals on this platform. Anyone can definitely decide to bring a fun idea or topic for a group and create it and let other individuals join and have fun together. There is no limitation to the kind of group you can create and you can easily access your Yahoo groups from the homepage. Creating a Yahoo group is as easy as anything however we are not going to go into that fully now. 

Like I have mentioned above there are different kinds of Yahoo groups and more are being created every day. If you like you can decide to create any type, that is totally up to you. If you created a group, how to access yahoo groups is a piece of cake and can be done easily. Before we go into that let’s see exactly and what Yahoo groups are before we embark on that journey.

Yahoo Groups 

Yahoo groups are like normal groups but are web-based and participants must have Yahoo mail account to join or create one. They are part of the world’s largest discussion boards where group Messages can be read and posted via email or on the group webpage just like a forum but a web forum in this case. As you will notice I said this is one of the largest online discussion boards because they have been around for quite a long time.

Here on this group’s members can decide how they get their messages in a lot of ways which we will not discuss. Some groups are just for announcement purposes only for which members can only get information on news. Other groups are for intense engagement and discussions, some others are for information, technology and more. Generally being in an active Yahoo group is a very fun activity to engage.

Create Yahoo Group

Obviously for you to be able to create yahoo groups you must be registered on the yahoo platform first. So if you have not done so then its high time to registering an account, registering a yahoo account is the same process as always. When you create a group, you will be the owner and the moderator of it, and you are at liberty to edit it to suit your needs. 

Check my post on Yahoo Registratio to learn in detail how to open a yahoo account.

Now once your account has been opened you can then carry out the below procedure to create a yahoo group if that’s what you want.

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Groups by visiting the link.
  2. Tap on the Signup button at the top right part of the screen.
  3. Fill in your account detail and tap on Sign in.
  4. Next is to click on Start a New Group.
  5. And tap Next.
  6. Select the group’s email preference.
  7. Finally, tap on Accept and Create

Just like that, you have created a free group for yourself without stress or pain. Now you are the admin as you know and can edit the group the way you like. Note that if you decide to make the group private, you can’t make it public again.

How to Join Yahoo Groups

Maybe you aren’t interested in starting your own group or are not equipped with what it takes to make it successful. Not to worry as there are lots of successful groups you can join and have a very good time for. If you recall I said these groups have been around for quite a long time now and have had time to adapt and be successful. The below procedure highlights exactly how to join any group easily. 

  1. As usual sign in to your yahoo groups amount (from the first process above).
  2. Then you will see the categories of groups tap on anyone to open.
  3. Click Join Group to join any of the groups that interest you. 
  4. It’s now left for you to set up your membership info.
  5. Finally, tap on Send Request.

One that is one you will be automatically joined to the group if it’s a public group. But in private groups, you will have to wait for a moderator to approve your request to join.

To leave a group open the group and tap on Membership | Edit Membership. And then click on Leave Group then finally tap on Leave.

My Yahoo Group – Yahoo Groups Mygroups

This is the same thing as our topic yahoo groups my, meaning the groups you have created or joined. Accessing them is very easy. in fact, it’s just a step. and I am going to show you have to do it below so you don’t get confused. Now follow the below procedure.

  1. Copy this “ groups” without the quotes and paste it in your browser.
  2. Then sign in your account.

After signing in your account, you will be taken thee directly an can see everything going on in there. That is if you have joined or create any group before.

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