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One cannot easily stay without having to read the newspaper or watch a news television. To stay updated with happenings around the surrounding. Even though the newspaper is still a strong competition today not everybody relies on a newspaper to get news. And that is why we have the Yahoo news. On this post today we are going to be talking about everything concerning the Yahoo news platform. And also a little about the Yahoo company itself.

The Yahoo Company

Yahoo which is one of the largest companies today offers diverse kinds of services it operates on. Or you can say that the company renders a diverse kind of services. Under the Yahoo company, you have the yahoo mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo search engine, yahoo sports, and so on and so forth. The companies services are mostly online.

The Yahoo company started strong and became one of the best companies in times past. But somewhere in the middle it wasn’t doing so great and had to be acquired by Verizon Communications. However, the company did not stop there and today, the company is one of the top companies in the world. Today rendering tons of services.

Yahoo News

Like I mentioned before the company offers different kinds of services. under which we have the Yahoo news. you find anything and everything about the news. stay updated and get all kinds of news with the Yahoo news. it is also one of the top news platforms available today. It became one of the major news organizations in 2011 and also expanded its touch to the White House in 2012. and today Yahoo news is one of the top news organizations on the planet.

Latest News & Headlines

Using this wonderful news site yahoo news, you can easily have access to all the latest news and headlines easily. Just by visiting the site you will have all the latest happenings and headlines at your fingertips. Basically the yahoo news platform gives you the opportunity not to ever miss out on the latest happenings around the world and everywhere. Even in your locality, you can catch all happenings live using this website. And do not worry as i will be showing to you how to easily access this news platform for all its offerings.

Features of Yahoo news

The features of Yahoo news will interesting very well. Which will, in turn, make you think on start using the Yahoo news from today. Some of the features are listed below for your pleasure.

  • World news – there is news about happenings around the world on the site. so as to make you never miss any happenings around the world. you should view it daily. As they cover every happiness in the world today as received
  • Need to know – these are the kind of news that is a must-know or must-read. They contain things that have happened, that you need to know about
  • Politics news – never miss out on politics around the world, state or town with this platform. it will keep you up-to-date with anything concerning politics happening anywhere anytime any day.
  • Business news – you get more information about business around the world. For you to know and for you to take advantage of
  • Health – like we all know that health is wealth. Receive important information about health conditions around the world and around your environment to stay healthy.

We are going to stop there today on this post. For more features of the Yahoo news, I would encourage you to follow the steps below in order for you to start using it from today.

How to Access Yahoo News

Accessing it is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to follow the steps below precisely in order to access it.

  • Visit
  • Once the page loads and opens, tap on the icon at the top right side of the screen
  • Now you will see a list of functions, tap on News

Once you have tapped on news, the news page will load and you will be greeted with the latest happenings and news for your reading pleasure.

Yahoo News App

Yeah, this yahoo news platform got everything covered as they also have an app for their news platform. This is very much incredible and very helpful because an app as always is very handy and saves more time than visiting a website. With this app, you receive news content from trusted and confirmed sources. You also get information, you can follow your favorite topics and publisher. Get exclusive and live news videos which is a plus among other features.

You can say its quite nice to have an app handy. It gets better when you can just take up your phone tap on the app to get the latest updates in half the time it will take you to use the website. The yahoo news app is available to download for the two major mobile platforms we have. Which are android and ios, this app can be easily downloaded from their app store easily. Now let us see how to download the news app below.

  • Open your app store or play store.
  • We are going to make use of the search function. So tap on the Search bar and type “Yahoo News.” And tap to Search for it.
  • Now tap on Install and Accept for android and Get and Install for ios.

Once that is done te hard part has been done all you need to do now is to wait for the app to install. And then you can start using it and havening news delivered on it for you.


Yahoo which is one of the top companies today also provides you with the news. so you can stay updated with this platform anywhere you go anywhere you are. you will never miss out on any happenings or any occurrence around the world with it. and one of the things I like so much is that this platform is easy to access with lots of features, and different types of news on this all to keep you informed. so I encouraging you to start using it today.

am loyal smart and humble.