Youbloom Internship

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Youbloom Incorporation was founded and established by Phil Harrington an entrepreneur and an artist. It is supported by a community of different artists and industry experts. The company’s vision is aimed at the production of live music performance easier and better for all. Youbloom’s mission is targeted at expanding the delivery of amazing live music experiences by increasing the connectedness of fans, artists, promoters, and venues.

Youbloom Internship
Youbloom Internship

About Youbloom

Youbloom inc. otherwise referred to as “the global music village,” is an international collective organization of musicians, fans, and industry professionals who have a passion and desire to help new talent develop and prosper. Its mission is to make sure that every aspiring artist who wants to move on his/her music career see to that. The company is seeking a Social Media Marketing intern to assist our team.

The applying candidates for Youbloom should possess a wide knowledge of music and artists across all genres, as well as about music events, festivals, both in the US and international countries.

Also, candidates must possess strong research and writing skills, blogging, and journalism as well as proficiency in social media marketing strategies. Such outlets include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and platforms like TikTok, Periscope, etc.

Required graduation year

Applying intern ought to have been graduated within the year 2019 to 2022.

Responsibilities of Youbloom’s Interns

As an intern in the Youbloom Inc. or an applying candidate, you are to undertake some responsibilities. Below listed are activities though which you will be helping the Marketing team with:

  • You are expected to create events and posting on Youbloom’s social media pages, as well as tagging musicians and posting a comment on the venue’s FB pages to promote the company.
  • Interns are to develop and track giveaways and other promotional social media contests.
  • Should be updating and sharing marketing and promotional ideas for campaigns.
  • Provide research digital marketing opportunities and trends.
  • He/she is to assist in the optimization of outlets such as SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • Be able to identify assets and write copy for Social Media posts.
  • Wil writes press materials like press releases and newsletters.
  • And will also be of assistance in digital advertising planning. Interact and engage with audiences to grow an online presence.

Eligibility Requirements

Below listed are the eligibility requirements to be possessed by the applying interns:

  • Applying interns must have a Social Media background. 
  • Have an excellent written communication skill.
  • Must be studying for a college major with a focus in Communications, Marketing, or Public Relations.
  • Interns ought to be computer proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and e-mail programs. 
  • Applicants ought to be good at graphics design programs.
  • Must possess the ability to rapidly increase subscribers to the website/email list, fans on Facebook, and followers on Twitter
  • Should have an interest in marketing, promotions, social media, and developing more on technologies.
  • Applicants ought to understand how to appeal to the electronic music community and its demographic, and also must be comfortable in writing quickly and engagingly.
  • Should be experienced with blog analytics as preferred.
  • Applicants must be passionate and desiring about the music industry, and also hard-working and able to operatively handle multiple, simultaneous projects under deadline pressure. 
  • He/she must be creative, innovative thinking, and possesses a self-starter attitude.


The internship program runs for a term of about 3 to 6 months. It is a non-paid internship, with flexible hours of a minimum of 16 hours per week. Aimed to reflect your necessary college credit requirements. If the applicants could operate the position as required, the company may be able to offer a more full or part-time position with compensation to him/her.

How to Apply

Follow the steps below to apply:

Here are the steps to take on applying for this intern.

  • Click Here to go to the application page.
  • Then click on “Apply Now” at the top of the page.
  • Attach a resume for your application.
  • Then add self intro.
  • Then click on “Done”.

After the last step, your application will be sent to the company and your offer will be either accepted or rejected. If accepted, follow the next guided steps to confirm and proceed to the internship program.

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