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According to the Zedge website, they are the number one phone personalization app in the world. They make sure your phone reflects you exactly the way you are. I say they are one of the best website or app that provides millions of free content for its users to download easily. With over 30 million active users using this app and its website platform the zedge.net platform is not a joke. And so if you are looking for a website. Or maybe an app for you to download free content then zedge.net is one of such platforms to use. Zedge.net is everything you will need to download free wallpapers, ringtone, sticker packs and more all in one place. 



The Zedge platform has over 30 million active users browsing its site on a daily basis. They also have 400 million app installs. As if this is not enough they also provide premium content for all styles and tastes. In other words, this platform has both free content and premium content as well. Accessing the free content is free as usual. However to get premium content you have to access the Zedge premium marketplace. Zedge premium marketplace is designed for creators of content like artists, songwriters and more to sell their content at their own price on the Zedge platform with over 30 million active users. If ask me I will say this is a good run for the money or whatever price they’re asking you to pay. 

In other words, Zedge does not only allow you to download free content and leave. But also gives you the ability to showcase your product for the world to see and make money in return. So if you are a creator of wallpaper, or you have music you want to showcase. Maybe you having video contents, even live wallpaper ringtones or any form of content you want to showcase and sell to make money you can do so using the Zedge premium marketplace. However, this is not going to be our focus on this post. Our focus will be on how to download the free content that is available on this platform.

Zedge Mobile App

As I mentioned above in the introduction the zedge.net website has its app on several mobile operating systems. So if you can’t visit the zedge.net platform or you don’t want to, you can easily download the app and access it directly. The Zedge mobile app is available on Google play store and the app store for free to download now, or simply visit zedge.net on your web browser to access the platform directly. As we all know to download the app to any of this platform either Android or iOS it’s easy. And we are going to see exactly how to do that now. 

  • On your Android or iOS device tap on your app store or play store.
  • Tap on the search bar and type in “Zedge” then tap on the search button to initiate the search.
  • Now when the search results are out tap on the Zedge app which should be the first.
  • On Android tap on Install and Accept, while on IOS simply tap on Get. and Install.

Once that is done the app will begin to download and install like any other app on your device. Wait for the app to be installed before you open it and start using it. 

Download Free Ringtones and Wallpapers on Zedge.net

The Zedge platform is also one of the number one platform to download free ringtones, HD wallpapers and live wallpapers free to your Android or iOS device. For years these websites have been number one site to download this kind of stuff and is still standing strong till now. So I’m going to show you how to use zedge.net to download free wallpapers, ringtones, cool background, pictures and more. All you have to do is follow these steps I have carefully laid down below to do so.

  • The first thing is to head over to be ZEDGE and tap on Browse Now.
  • When the page is opened you will see all the wallpapers and ringtones. You can scroll down and tap on anyone you want to download. 
  • After tapping on it you will have the options to continue with the browser or you tap on the apps store or play store icon to get the app and download the file.
  • To download from the web page tap on Continue with browser, then tap on Download.

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After tapping on download the file you downloading will download to your browser and you can access it from there. However, if you tap to continue with the app store, it will take you to your app store from there you download the Zedge app and then you can download your file. Also during downloading you can tap on wallpapers options above to see only wallpapers, or tap on the ringtone option to see only ringtones. Or you can simply leave it in All to get the mix of all of them. Finally, you can look at the right side for a list of other cool wallpapers and ringtones to download. 

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